Link me with your best shot (3/31-4/5)

read a blog post that inspires you? see a newspaper article that pisses you off? find an interesting story? leave links to stuff that you encounter during the week that relates to feminism.

Can someone explain to me what the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame (and Rolling Stone, particularly their readers) has against Madonna?  Not only is she introduced by Justin Timberlake, but his speech about her is insulting, demeaning, and attention-grabbing.  I thought we were inducting Madonna, not discussing your sexual escapades with crappy no-talent pop stars.  Contrast his induction speech with that of Tom Hanks–would it have been too much to ask to find a REAL celebrity fan of Madonna’s?  gah.  Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 
 Where has the pope been recently?  oh, just reminding women that he’s still the one in the big hat i guess….  Are We Sluts?   

whatever your thoughts are about saving sex until marriage, i think we can all agree that promoting safe sex doesn’t make abstinence-only peeps an oppressed group , especially under the bush dictatorship. after reading that link to the ny times article, head over to feministe to read some quality commentary, because jill says it better than i can.

as a feminist and a vegetarian, i enjoyed this article because i’ve always been peeved that PETA tries to sell vegetarianism via the female body. (i’d rather be naked than wear fur, top 10 hottest vegetarians, etc etc)


i don’t know about you guys, but i grew up with sweet valley high books. (i was a book nerd, are we surprised?) i enjoyed that they were a “perfect size 6” because hey, i’m a size 6 too omg lol i’m perfect too! well, apparently i’m stuck in the 80s and size 4 is the new size 6. i must’ve missed the memo, thank god they updated the books for the new millenium.


maybe i’m naive, but i’ve worshipped at the altar of tampons for so long i forgot there were other options. that’s why reading through this blog discussion on period products opened my eyes completely.


this could be the first time (and will probs be the last time) that i’ve seen “the feminists” and “the evangelicals” lumped into a category fighting the same fight for…. slavery!  wait what? since when do feminists not care about slaves who aren’t prostitutes? 
clearly, we haven’t met.


8 responses to “Link me with your best shot (3/31-4/5)

  1. i’m completely NOT surprised that we judge overweight women more harshly and quickly than we judge overweight men.

    Fat Bias Worse For Women

  2. “A bill that seeks to stop women dressing indecently shows how warped our notions of culture have become.” –from the Guardian (UK)
    Nigeria’s immorality is about hypocrisy, not miniskirts

  3. The inimitable Mistress Matisse.

    She’s a Seattle-area professional dominatrix who, um, well, blogs, about her life and pseudonymed clients and her polyamorous fabulousness.

  4. From NY Times Magazine a few weeks ago– “When Girls Will Be Boys.” About transgender students at women’s colleges and the questions it presents for both the campus community and the students. Ah, the questions: what role do/could/should woman-centered organizations play in supporting transgendered folk in their transitions and shifting senses of identity? Should the privilege and community of an institution for women be confined to people who “claim” their identity as women? And who gets off saying (as I’ve read some comments about the article) that it’s “irresponsible” for schools/parents to let a college student undergo hormone therapy? “This transgender thing might be an experimental college phase– they’ll grow out of it…”

  5. yet another reason why abstinence-only education in high school is horrible and failing? because kids in florida think that DRINKING MOUNTAIN DEW WILL PREVENT PREGNANCY.

  6. Here’s something I saw on slate this morning…. just kind of interesting.

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