me linkey 4/13-4/19

stories of the week, after the jump

as a fellow “freemale,” i appreciate this article that discusses single and (gasp) happy women in britain.


for our male readers, a nice debate started over at feministe and then moved on to pandagon about how to be a feminist boyfriend. one more, about the ol’ boys club. take notes, boys, take notes.

this is awesome. a thinktank publishes a study that says that it’s probably best that dads bond with their newborns. just because it comes out of the vag doesn’t mean the man shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the hospital too. baby bonding, always a good thing.


pandagon had a really really interesting and opinionated post about the polygamist fundamentalists in texas who have been charged with forced underage marriages and rape of young girls. always young girls. always the women being exploited. and you wonder why organized religion freaks me out. (the prairie dresses don’t really persuade me either…)


i really can’t stand twenty-something women who still refer to tampons as “lady products.” buck up, ladies, why are you so ashamed or embarrassed about something that happens to over half the population? come out of the menstruation closet!


bitch magazine takes on the new york times and their mentality that women don’t write good books


okay, i know i have more. but i’m tired. i’ll post more tomorrow.

9 responses to “me linkey 4/13-4/19

  1. in response to the first article about freemales: i don’t think i see the same phenom in the us. anyone else dis/agree?

    or maybe it is true which is why i see billboards like this all over the city:

  2. okay, i know this has to do with racism and not sexism, but when i read this article my heart wept. how can people say our country is no longer racist? michelle obama’s roommate at princeton switched rooms because her mom didn’t want her to live with a black woman. “i was horrified, recalled brown, who had driven her daughter up from new orleans. brown stormed down to the campus housing office and demanded donnelly be moved to another room. the reason: one of her roommates was black.”

  3. The ‘unearned privelege of the protege’ point from the Old Boy’s club article is an interesting one – I haven’t actually heard any direct discussion of how those kinds of structures are supposed to sustain themselves without active malevolence on the part of the men in the system, but the idea that you might naturally gravitate towards mentoring someone who is similar to you makes perfect sense. It’s a self-sustaining sort of phenomenon.

    Given the unfortunate reality that the tech industry is as male-dominated as it is, the question of how to promote cracks in the glass ceiling is an interesting one to me, and I’ll take that advice to heart.

  4. Why did my hotmail recommend this article to me? What bullshit, in both directions.

  5. buckingthewave

    whoa klarenka! methinks tis time to write a nasty email to hotmail!

    i think that is the perfect recipe for ruining a relationship.

  6. There was a partner article about “Be the Perfect Boyfriend” that was just as awful as this one. The whole thing seems to show the poor author’s author’s deluded desire to be in a relationship with a douchebag.

    Also: is a Yale art student trivializing abortion? I’m worried about her poor body, first of all. And yes, I think she did do it for the shock value.

    I’m all riled up now.

  7. Did you guys read about this?

    That’s one bad ass fucking 8 year old.

  8. klarenka, i did see that article. and i…honestly don’t know what to say. i’m trying to form a coherent thought but i simply can’t. i only cringe at the thought that right-wing anti-choice nutters are going to seize the story and wave it around proclaiming how crazy pro-choice people are.

  9. tyler, first of all i love the image of you sitting down to read the yemen times. i do hope you read it often. and i agree, that chick is such a strong badass, i LOVE that she had the strength to stand up to her parents. unfortunately you’ve gotta wonder how many young girls haven’t.

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