link link linkety link (4/20-4/26)

sorry i’m slow this week, but here’s the stories that caught my attention.

short, sweet, and to the point post on movies with two female leads and how, according to the author, “hollywood is not creating female heroes.” i would love to hear people’s thoughts on this one. i loved the comments on the original post too.

oh god, people telling me once again that no matter what, i should remain married–the taxpayers money depends on it!!

finally! a book for my young ‘uns explaining why mommy got bigger boobs!

as someone who’s had her own ED issues, i admit i find it interesting that france is trying to outlaw skinnies in the fashion industry. it’s an admirable step, bien sur, but it won’t stop EDs–it’s rarely about the image, people! it’s about the control!

blog for fair pay for women was on the 18th last week. still, it’s not too late to let your senator know that you support the lilly ledbetter fair pay act. i wrote good ol norm colman and he “wrote” back!

not gonna lie, i wasn’t an ana lucia fan and i’m glad michael killed her (we’re talking LOST here, for those not in the know) but i did love michelle rodriquez’s reply to the lesbian rumors–“If I wanna f**k a girl, a boy, a dog, that’s my business.” yeah!!

over at pandagon they were as upset as i was when i read this crazy man asking “but shouldn’t we at least ask ourselves on what ground we stand to criminalize [forcing 14 year old girls into marriage], when many of us are perfectly willing to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples.” whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

a follow up on the whole “abortion art” story from last week, praising the artist for her “performance.” still not sure how i feel about the whole thing.

happy earth day! did you know, feminism is bad for the environment? coughjackasscough.


i followed this post and comments all week because i like it when misogynist dickweeds get their comeuppance!

okay, i’m sorry but i just love this website, postcards from your momma, just because posts like this remind me so much of my own computer-illiterate mother (sorry mom).


7 responses to “link link linkety link (4/20-4/26)

  1. “As part of its sexual and feminist flowering, California all but invented no-fault divorce in 1969, the same year the Santa Barbara oil spill jumpstarted the environmental movement.”

    Divorce causes oil spills! I always suspected.

    By the way, I don’t know if you’ve seen it before or not – but the XKCD link reminded me of it:

    The Rule

  2. > i think you’re kidding yourself if you think this is an example of sexism – the studios just sell what gets bought, they’re just too greedy (and why shouldn’t they be) to shoot a movie that isn’t going to put bums in seats.

    A survey of small and unsuccessful movies shows that nobody is trying to make these movies, so nobody knows what people would think of them. They just write these familiar roles, people get used to them, and nothing changes. And we continue to leave gender in culture as a huge mess.


    i agree!
    but then i also thought of kill bill.
    that was pretty successful ($180 million for vol 1 and $152 million for vol 2)– shouldn’t that have indicated that there is quite a demand for female-lead “hero movies”?
    this blog was severely misinformed in its “stats” but brings up a valid point.

  3. and i can’t even begin to respond to the PLASTIC SURGERY BOOK FOR CHILDREN.
    how many eating disorders will this spawn? as well as teaching our children that they can “let themselves go” as long as they have enough money to get fix-it surgery later?
    it’s disgusting.
    if you’re uncomfortable with explaining your surgery to your children, maybe you shouldn’t be having the surgery in the first place?…

  4. Re: “Feminism is bad for the environment”–
    This article is ridiculous. Period. But here’s a comment anyway.
    Maybe the next time this guy decides to make himself an expert on the environment, he should reconsider his “family values.” If more people “bother” to have children, as he implies they should, the greater our environmental impact will be. And THAT’S a bigger deal than whether Mom works or keeps the polluting second car off the highway and (dear God) homeschools the kids.

    On second thought, I renounce me destructive feminist ways. In the interest of Mother Gaia’s health, I pledge to:
    1. Never leave the house.
    2. Homeschool my herd of 20.
    3. Use the phrase “sexual and feminist flowering” as often and as scornfully as possible.

  5. As a supplement to our upcoming book discussions: “Hillary Clinton as the battleground in the war between mothers and daughters”–

    Although I understand that there are some generational differences in feminisms, worldviews, etc., etc., it’s distressing to think that we’re supposedly “at war” with our mothers’ generation. Can we disagree without it being a war? And can’t people SEE that we do agree with our mothers on some issues? Like access to birth control, equal employment opportunities, and no vegetables in the jello (that’s just wrong).

    P.S. If Hillary Clinton did remind me of my mom, she would for sure have my vote. Just saying.

  6. save our young girls!! miley cyrus takes some “racy”pictures and it’s freaking front page news. bill o’reilly is appalled that this clean-cut roll model does things that other 14 year olds do. is it sad that we live in a lolita culture that sexualizes young girls? yes. should we shame them into nunnery submission? bill thinks so. she’s a christian! she doesn’t have boobs!!

  7. oh. my. god. could a FAT girl be a beauty queen?!
    this is how the cnn segment starts:
    “weighing in at 176 pounds” whoooooooaaaaah nelly, this one’s a BEAST!
    how terrible.

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