a link– 4/27-5/3

I don’t have as many links as mayhem usually does, but this story that Iran bans Barbie came up today and it touches on some things that interest me very much. i appreciated this article for bringing up questions that intrigue me, like, what is it about [a Western toy that depicts] the female body that is dangerous to iranian culture?
also check out the links on the upper right of the page that hit on other topics like plastic surgery, dress, and homelessness.


okay. here’s mayhem’s two cents on links o’ the week.

since emily brought up iran, here’s a story of the iranian goverment’s attempt to silence women’s rights activists through intimidation, lashings and jail. here’s a link to the group’s website, one million signatures campaign, and what it’s all about.

the open-source boob project. because even geeks want to feel up your boobs. just another reminder that my body is public property!

a wonderful article on how misogyny pays off in the media (added bonus: the author makes a dunder mifflin reference, always awesome.) i’m continually appalled and disappointed at the blatant misogyny of many reporters on the news today. really, just read this whole article.

how many times do i have to post articles like this before the goverment understands that abstinence only teachings aren’t. working.

a good roundup over at racialicious on hate-filled racist op-eds in college newspapers.

what kind of culture do we live in that sixty-five percent of american women have disordered eating issues and yet it’s “not that big of a deal”? upsetting doesn’t even begin to describe it. (now if only i could find a link to that article that said women who consider themselves feminists also have better body-image-esteem and are less critical of other women…if i find it later this week i’ll leave it in the comments…)

amy poehler is a self-proclaimed feminist! and wait, what? she’s funny? she’s pretty? those things don’t jive with my stereotypes of feminists!! (any article titled ‘feminist is the new funny’ gets the thumbs-up from me!)

tom ford wants us to embrace the penis. i mean, in ads and such. (a discussion on male nudity vs. female nudity)

are there too many women doctors? if you can’t get an appointment at the docs office, blame those pesky female doctors who take shortened hours to care for their families. selfish bitches.


as size-zero stars begin to infiltrate, bollywood worries about the western ideal of skinny=beautiful corroding Indian appreciation of the curvylicious.


and, just for a fun insight on mayhem, the tune that’s in my head, the picture on my desktop, and the book i’m reading.


6 responses to “a link– 4/27-5/3

  1. thanks catherine! recently published report on the girls in minnesota conducted by the women’s foundation.

  2. i’m currently reading It’s so You! which is an anthology about women and their relationship with fashion… and it’s gotten me thinking about clothing and why, I particularly, looove clothing and dressing myself up to look like different people. questions like these were running through my head as i was reading the fake interview with Tom Ford about male nudity and the penis. he went into a lot of detail about fashion and clothing that i wasn’t expecting and closed with this the statement that he personally doesn’t like clothing because it gives us another layer to hide behind. is it hiding? or is it an external expression of your personality? because honestly, most people associate and get along with people who look like them. clothing is the first line of defense, warding off potentially hazardous conversations and relationships simultaneously beckoning in like-minded or like-clothed individuals for lasting friendships. or is it? is clothing another way of fortifying ourselves within our own already stagnant worldviews, avoiding uncomfortable or inconvenient people or discussions?


  3. A while back you guys posted an article about ‘how to be a feminist boyfriend’ which I thought was a really useful idea but found a little banal. I just recently stumbled on this article:

    “How To Not Be That Guy”

    It’ s not specifically about how to date feminist-ly, it’s more like a well thought out taxonomy of the ways in which men unconsciously exert privilege and offend the women around them.

    Anyway, it’s worth passing around. There were definitely things in there that I found to be useful advice.

  4. buckingthewave

    this Washington Post op-ed makes a parallel argument to mayhem’s letter to the editor of yore in that we should likewise hold people accountable for the inexuseably offensive things they say, no matter what race, sex, religion, or whatever they are. and even if they are “prophets of god.”

    Post piece:

    mayhem’s letter:

  5. ‘it’s so you’ sounds like a great read. i’ll have to check it out.

    unrelated to the post, i recently re-read the book ‘the meaning of wife’ and think you ladies might like it. can a woman be an independent individual and still be married? can a married woman be sexy or is she doomed to wear mom pants and holiday vests forever? and of course…the name-changing thing. i liked this chapter, i kept my birth name and i’ve been getting crap from facebook to my university’s registrar (which makes no damn sense to me)…

    love this blog, thanks writing it. ^_^

  6. While looking at the newspaper this weekend, Spitfire and I had a really interesting conversation spurred by the DC Madame, about prostitution, legalization, decriminalization, etc.

    Today on NPR, Tell Me More had a great piece featuring male and female sex workers, how and why they got into the work, where they belive America is headed on this issue, and where they want it to be headed. Really interesting.


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