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melinks you doth desire me

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Decisions, decisions!

We all know that not all decisions are easy.

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April Book Discussion – Part 5 of 5

The last discussion post! I’m sure Spitfire will be posting information on the next book so we can get started with that one, but just one last discussion on Not My Mother’s Sister and this post is just more or less a free-for-all discussion for you guys to pose questions of your own or to discuss something that hasn’t been brought up yet. So go for it!

April Book Discussion – Part 4 of 5

Hello faithful readers! I apologize for the delay of this post as well as for the delay with the weekly link post (which I will try to put up tonight or early tomorrow). As some of you may know, this weekend I moved from Minneapolis to Brooklyn and well, you guys kinda fell to the back burner. Hey! I was sleeping on the couch with my robe as my blanket! I had things to do before I posted!

Anywhoo, here’s the next installment of discussion questions…
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Baby Mama

baby mama pic

I went to see Baby Mama on opening weekend with high hopes, not only because I was going to the movies, but also because I was going to a comedy starring two women. I was thrilled, my blood pumping with excited anticipation; mowing on popcorn like there was no tomorrow, and, unlike a number of my movie-reviewing fellows, I wasn’t disappointed. Continue reading

link me baby one more time 5/11-5/17

not to be debbie downer or anything, but did anyone else feel disheartened by the news this week or was that just me? boy am i looking forward to cosmos with my gals in times square and sex and the city the movie in a few weeks. someone leave some happy links to share? here’s a few links for the week…

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April Book Discussion – Part 3 of 5

As requested, I waited a bit to post the next installment of discussion questions. So here’s the next batch! Discuss away…

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