Portishead: their ‘third’ has landed. it’s. here!

it’s true. after a 10 year hiatus portishead has released their new album “third.”

and you know what it sounds like? like if portishead and cocorosie had a child. and that child eventually became an underwater tow truck driver in the future who had a secret penchant for vintage hats. this would be the album that that person would listen to whilst prancing around in front of their full-length mirror late at night in their deep sea apartment off the coast of Australia after their friends had gone to sleep; listening, prancing, and vogue-ing with more intensity and vigor than the Virgin herself.

if you can dig that, you’d totally dig “third.”

in an attempt at all [musical] seriousness, however, this album did incorporate a newer, starker sound than their previous collaborations. it doesn’t have the same trip-hop, hypnotic, full sound that was what made their self-titled album and dummy so alluring. this new album is colder, more haunted, and forward-thinking; essentially, it isn’t a rehash of the band’s previous success as it covers new ground displaying music that is surprising and unformulaic.  while it’s clear that they’ve had 10 years to mature/grow/change, this album isn’t a total deviation.  ‘third’ becomes their logical evolution, and fans won’t be disappointed.


2 responses to “Portishead: their ‘third’ has landed. it’s. here!

  1. How come every time you review an album, you bring up my penchant for prancing in front of my mirror wearing vintage hats?

    BTW, I don’t like the album yet. I want to, but after three listens, it still hasn’t happened. Sour times for me? Indeed.

  2. a song from this album was on CSI last week– the episode was “leave out all the rest” and the song was “we carry on”!
    sadly, linkin park got the “special music from” moniker in the opening credits and i didn’t see portishead mentioned in the closing credits either (it could’ve gone by quickly i suppose) but what the heck? i thought “we carry on” was featured much more prominently and did more to capture my attention (the bit in the s&m nightclub) than silly linkin park’s formulaic and boring song that they tortured us twice with- at the beginning and end.
    but. c’est la vie, no?

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