link me baby one more time 5/11-5/17

not to be debbie downer or anything, but did anyone else feel disheartened by the news this week or was that just me? boy am i looking forward to cosmos with my gals in times square and sex and the city the movie in a few weeks. someone leave some happy links to share? here’s a few links for the week…

no, it’s not still the 1940s, and yet someone needs to tell the wnba that because they’re teaching women’s basketball players how to do their makeup. and no, i’m not kidding. (although i must admit, the story does kind of make me want to watch a league of their own again…not that that makes it okay…)

this story made me feel all sorts of things: sad that it was so difficult legally for a man to take his wife’s last name as opposed to the woman taking the man’s name, happy that the story got so much publicity to make people more aware, sad again when i realized this is a state-by-state issue. then i reminded myself i should ask my friend dan who took his wife’s name and see how hard it was for him to change it…must facebook-stalk him…

to follow that story up, over at my new fav blog feminist finance they discuss the cost of a name change. (i’m really interested in this topic cuz my recently-divorced mom is changing back to her maiden name and it seems like a horrible pain in the ass as well as expensive ordeal. yikes.)

don’t fear the fat and don’t shrink to fit. an interesting article that discusses the new feminist backlash–society’s new skinny obsession. “Each successive feminist wave was followed by a powerful and destructive backlash that put women in ever tighter situations. First we were trapped in society at large, then in our homes and now we are trapped in our bodies.” not sure if i totally agree with that theory, but a compelling article nonetheless.

by now i guess we can all expect a link every week on my dislike of abstinence only teaching. the abstinence clearinghouse has a blog that is seriously chalk-filled with classic gems such as “Virginity is an asset that holds its value well” and their bizarre logic of likening sex to crack. read for some laughs. although…not laughs if that’s what they preach. yikes.

as the price of food continues to rise worldwide, thomas over at feministe discusses why food is a feminist issue. keep in mind a larger proportion of the poor are women. and food prices aren’t going to drop any time soon.

katha pollitt discusses a potential new feminist backlash over at the nation. and the article totally creeped me out. cuz i kinda agree.

since i’m currently reading a book on our messed up maternity system, i really appreciated this q&a article with judy norsigian, one of the co-authors of our bodies, ourselves, as she discusses pregnancy and delivery care, including the rise in cesarean sections.

wow, i totally want to read this book that was reviewed in the guardian about homophobia in the macho world of hip hop.

haven’t i read this article about a billion times about settling for mr. less-than-perfect if you’re single and 40? because if you’re single past 30, you’re either sweating bullets waiting for you man or you’re lying through your teeth if you say otherwise. seriously! stop! with these stories!

last week i posted about italian vogue’s plan to have an all-black model-filled issue, and jourdan dunn was rumored to be on its cover (although now that’s not confirmed.) anyways, we all know that fashion is racist, but jourdan dunn is hot and she’s gaining a following. more diversity in fashion! change fashion’s concept of beauty! yay!

that’s it for this week! now go start discussing over at the discussion pages! go! now!


8 responses to “link me baby one more time 5/11-5/17

  1. I hope this image is large enough for everyone to see…

  2. Bah. Let’s try this link instead…

  3. so wait…wifey and kids have to go to church on sunday but hubbie gets to sleep in? does a penis just automatically get you into those pearly gates?

    and i love how wearing red nail polish is a demerit. hussy.

  4. I stick my cold feet on Max all the time. I’m so screwed.

  5. Klarenka, that was disgusting. WHERE did you find such a thing?

    i’m actively breaking the nail polish rule, and i don’t wear hose. would that be demerit? i don’t have any seams to keep track of…

  6. A LiveJournal friend posted it; I stole it from her.

    Max and I went through the list and counted up all my Merits/Demerits. I think it’s unfair that I got Demerited for not wearing a clean apron, because WE DON’T OWN APRONS.

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