Don’t cha wish your book club was hot like this?

i’m almost done with female chauvinist pigs and i’ve gotta say i not only thoroughly enjoy the book, but i’m super excited to discuss with you all; there’s a lot of debate to be had. for those of you who read not my mother’s sister i think that book was a perfect precursor to this one, with its discussion of a new feminism, a pro-sex feminism, a new wave. agh! i’ll leave my thoughts to myself until discussions start; i believe emily will be posting discussion stuff within about two weeks.

but i wanted to get you guys excited–for those of you who are currently reading or have finished the book, and for those who need a bit of reminding to check it out from the library (or buy it, it’s only $14, forgo a night of drinking for a book!). here’s a few links to gear you all up for the discussion. or just for kicks. all three are great stuff.

first off, the gals over at feministe take on the new feminism as they discuss those bastions of new feminism: the pussycat dolls! —

In theory, there’s nothing wrong with women dancing in their underwear. But we aren’t living in “theory.” We’re living in a society wherein women in their underwear on TV are there primarily for male pleasure, and to remind all other women of our inferior status — and to make a lot of money for male-run enterprises. And in our supposedly post-feminist society, spending a shitload of money on make-up and fancy lingerie, tottering around in toe-pinching high heels, and twisting your body into painful — but, lower back be damned, sexxxy! — positions is now empowerment. According, of course, to the dudes who are making a lot of cash from “empowering” these women.

next is a slightly dated (2006) la times article profiling joe francis, the man behind girls gone wild. the first time i read this article i was speechless, literally speechless, and i got a knot in my stomach. if you haven’t read baby give me a kiss, i suggest you sit down with a cuppa (it’s slightly long but well worth the read) and be prepared to be disturbed —

In a culture where cheap and portable video technology lets everyone play at stardom, and where America’s voyeuristic appetite for reality television seems insatiable, teenagers, like the ones in this club, see cameras as validation. “Most guys want to have sex with me and maybe I could meet one new guy, but if I get filmed everyone could see me,” Bultema says. “If you do this, you might get noticed by somebody—to be an actress or a model.” I ask her why she wants to get noticed. “You want people to say, ‘Hey, I saw you.’ Everybody wants to be famous in some way. Getting famous will get me anything I want. If I walk into somebody’s house and said, ‘Give me this,’ I could have it.”

finally, to lighten the mood, one of my favorite female comedians, kristen schaal– here seen on the daily show but in my mind most beloved as an obsessive fan in flight of the conchords. anyways, she discusses the hillary clinton misogyny and when i saw this i immediately thought of topics raised in female chauvinist pigs–as a protest, she starts taking her clothes off. watch misogyny is like jazz: women know it when they hear it, it’s a giggle and a half.

hope you’re all enjoying female chauvinist pigs!


2 responses to “Don’t cha wish your book club was hot like this?

  1. buckingthewave

    Food for further thought:

    “Perhaps no surprise that young women look at the images around them and conclude that, to be successful, they have to be sexy. They also often say that if they feel sexy, they feel confident.”
    “If the whole point of feminism is that you can wear what you like and people won’t judge you, then someone needs to tell at least one bunch of teenagers in east London, who appear to assume women want to be treated as sex objects….That doesn’t matter if that is what the woman wants, but what if it’s not? More women now report that they’ve been raped than ever before and convictions have not kept pace.
    The first Reclaim the Night march was 30 years ago when organisers said there was a one in three chance of a conviction for rape. Now it’s one in 20 and that’s why marches have started again.
    “I was raped by my best friend. I know for a fact if I had said to any other of my male friends that that happened, they would have said, ‘well you must have been asking for it in some way’ and that’s really scary,” says one victim. “

  2. Am just now getting around to reading posts I missed while I was gone. I really like these two articles.

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