we could be linkers! we can’t do that!! (6/22-6/28)

where the heck has june gone? it’s as though i blinked and summer is almost one-third done. and i have yet to attend a bbq or go to the beach! well, tonight i bring you this linkage update whilst watching eagle vs. shark and eating fruit salad i purchased at the essex market. i’m in good spirits! linkage onward!

1. first off, washington post asks where the feminists are to take a stand against the treatment of michelle obama. clearly they didn’t read our blog last week or any other feminist blogs because if they did they’d know that we are, in fact, kinda ticked off at the shitty way the media treats michelle obama “as opposed to the lack of bad treatment that mrs. whitey warbucks is receiving [dear lord, they might saint her and carry her around on a litter carried by glistening roman soldiers trampling the pro-choice and poor]” (to quote the gentle words of ms. emily).

2. so i’m confused as to how pharmacists can choose not to do their job by yelling “pro-life beliefs!!” and then get away with refusing contraception to customers:

Some pro-life pharmacies are identical to typical drugstores except that they do not stock some or all forms of contraception. Others also refuse to sell tobacco, rolling papers or pornography. Many offer “alternative” products, including individually compounded prescription drugs, as well as vitamins and homeopathic and herbal remedies. “We try to practice pharmacy in a way that we feel is best to help our community and promote healthy lifestyles,” said Lloyd Duplantis, who owns Lloyd’s Remedies in Gray, La., and is a deacon in his Catholic church. “After researching the science behind steroidal contraceptives, I decided they could hurt the woman and possibly hurt her unborn child. I decided to opt out.”

aaaaah yes, of course. defend the woman. right. but thank god, someone smells the bullshit:

Some critics question how such pharmacies justify carrying drugs, such as Viagra, for male reproductive issues, but not those for women. “Why do you care about the sexual health of men but not women?” asked Anita L. Nelson, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. “If he gets his Viagra, why can’t she get her contraception?”

call me insensitive, but why the hell did these people become pharmacists in the first place?

3. as i hope we’ve all heard and celebrated, california no longer discriminates against same-sex marriages! hopefully this is one more step towards a country-wide acceptance of acknowledging love regardless of genitalia. huzzah!

4. with so many women using contraception during their lives, why do we still have so many unintended pregnancies? all sorts of issues with insurance, money, accessibility…the list goes on. so keep in mind that “what goes unnoticed is the fact that many American women are fighting a battle on the ground — in their everyday lives — in a struggle to simply acquire appropriate reproductive health care.” take action now to restore access to affordable birth control for college students and low-income women.

5. while you’re being active, also ask your senator to sponsor the starting early, starting right act that would improve the quality and availability of child care and significantly increase funding to help families pay for child care. remember, gentle readers, the number one issue that is blocking gender equality is access to adequate, affordable and accessible childcare! you might not be procreating now, but some day you might be!

6. it’s just so rare that you get racism and sexism all in one neat package!

Men can avoid being absentee fathers and women can avoid being single mothers if both will respect themselves and each other enough not to have sex like animals, driven purely by sexual urges. Obama neglected to mention that. Why in a speech full of the travails of single motherhood and the harmful effects to children raised in fatherless homes was there no mention how to avoid this tragedy in the black culture altogether.

7. the american medical association is aiming to outlaw home births and ricki lake is ticked. at first you may wonder why, AMA, why? low-risk pregnancies are successfully delivered by trained midwifes or nurses who are clearly breaking no laws and are doing no harm to doctors. but after reading all about our maternity system, with the increase in c-sections, episiotomies, and unnecessary drugs, i’m wondering if the AMA is not thinking in the best interest of the woman, but in the best interest of their wallet.

8. apparently a new study claims that men with “evil” personality traits have more sex partners, so the media is asking why do women love bastards? but see, the fatal flaw in this question is that these bastard men are getting LAID more often, not getting LOVED more often. this is probably because they fail to have a single partner for an extended period of time (or are more apt to cheat), and not because so many women find them so irresistible. (although i do admit, i do have a history for going after the bastards…call it my weakness, like chocolate. or diet coke.)

9. where are the women on wall street? as seen in so many corners of the business world, getting your foot in the door may now be gender-blind, but climbing that ladder is a bit more precarious for the ladies. (link shout-out to my lady friend workin’ on wall street…you GO girl!)

10. as i’ve been linking about for a month now, the anticipated all-black vogue is out! i am excited that fashion is attempting to embrace a wider definition of beauty, but we still have work to do peeps–the world isn’t simply black or white, we’ve got many colors, shapes and sizes of women out there. now come on! i want to see the plus-size vogue! the short girl vogue! the all-asian vogue! chop chop anna wintour!

11. i really didn’t want to blog about the story of the pregnancy pact in massachusetts that left seventeen girls, who are 16 years old or younger, preggers and up for scorn in the media. seriously, mr. bush, can we now PLEASE have more comprehensive sex education in the high schools? and could we stop having the fear-tactic media stories? SEVENTEEN HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS ARE PREGNANT, IS YOUR DAUGHTER ONE OF THEM? THE STORY RIGHT AFTER THE WEATHER, TONIGHT AT 8.

12. all around the world criminal penalties for abortion are rejected as people believe that the matter is an individual choice, not an area for government intervention. and just in case you’ve gotten confused by all the political mumbo jumbo surrounding abortions, here’s a nice pdf from the kaiser family foundation giving you straight facts, numbers and percentages, nothing else.

13. good lord. the smart folks in our government have decided to continue abstinence only funding for the schools, even though (broken record) we all know that it doesn’t work.

14. the united nations has finally, during the year two-thousand and eight, unanimously agreed that sexual violence is a tactic of war. glad that they decided upon that, sad that it took so long. but now what? what does this mean? will anything be done?

15. yet another kick-ass feminist film that i don’t know how i can see cuz i don’t live in san fran. watch the trailer and be inspired, the first female president is out there and i give her the big thumbs up!

16. and, for your viewing pleasure, feministing has made their top ten anti-feminist videos list! grab your headphones and kill some time at work!

17. could it be? could engagement rings be anti-feminist? a marketing ploy? unnecessary branding of the hand to claim property? naaaaahh, bring on the bling!

18. and to (slightly) go with topics raised in female chauvinist pigs, kimora lee simmons has started a juniors line at jcpenneys. and how does she celebrate? by throwing an oh-so-age-appropriate launch party at a night club. wonder how many of the attendees failed to get their homework in on time the next day…

finally, the book i’m happily re-reading for the 84709th time, the new neighbor i shall stalk and make my new bestie, the geek gadget i want to buy, the website i can’t stop checking, and the real favorite link of the week.


6 responses to “we could be linkers! we can’t do that!! (6/22-6/28)

  1. Here’s an interesting thought for you:

    Facebook has never had gender as a required piece of profile information. They have up to this point simply used the pronoun ‘they’ when there wasn’t a specified gender. But some of those constructions are visibly awkward in English (“Tyler tagged themself in a photo”, e.g.), and more importantly, Facebook is starting to go international.

    Being translated internationally is a big deal for Facebook – they have less marketshare than MySpace in America, but they just took the lead globally. So getting smoothly translated into various languages is a big deal in terms of cementing their dominance. But a lot of languages lack the capability to refer to any noun without a gender specification.

    So now Facebook has added a required prompt, asking whether the user prefers to be referred to as ‘him’ or ‘her’ in updates, etc. Some groups have already pushed back, arguing that the binary implicit there is too limiting.

    But arguably, the binary isn’t being enforced by Facebook, it’s being enforced by the limits of the language(s). They can’t just invent a new gender construction in all the destination languages, even if people would adopt it, which they wouldn’t. Plus Facebook’s translations are actually crowd-sourced to interested users, so they don’t even control the translations directly (they only have about 400 employees).

    So what would you do, in Facebook’s position?

    (For now, Facebook is adding the ‘him/her’ prompt but with an opt out. The question of what to do about the opted-out profiles is still open)

  2. i read about this story earlier this week! it’s always been a personal pet peeve of mine that english doesn’t allow for a singular gender neutral term. i’ve read quite a few (surprisingly, male) writers who are up in arms when anyone (usually a feminist or trans activist) points out the limits of our language and they dig their heels in against change to incorporate a new word. because, you know, inventing words is so passe.

  3. Natural birth: after hearing about one acquaintance who was TIED TO THE HOSPITAL BED when all she said was that she wanted a second opinion on the necessity of a c-section, I’m already wary of giving birth in a hospital. And I’m not even pregnant. As much respect as I have for the AMA, they’re full of bullshit on this one.

  4. Gloucester: The thing is, that particular high school, according to several news stories, appears to indeed have comprehensive sex ed as part of the curriculum. For once, it’s not abstinence only’s fault. It seems to be a bit more complicated than plain old ignorance.

  5. klarenka-
    childbirth today scares the crap out of me- the astounding number of c-sections alone should be sending up red flags all over the place- and it doesn’t make sense to me that there isn’t an easier middle ground that doctors, women, and midwives can come to; it seems like you can either be drugged out of your mind and have a c-section, or you can see a doula and have a drugfree “natural” birth in some lady’s back room. why aren’t the majority of doctors more willing to work with women to come to some compromise? if i decide to give birth, i don’t want to become forced into an unneccessary c-section, but i want the security of a hospital justincase. (chalk that up to watching all those medical dramas…)

    I remember from Biology of Women that there are some Birthing Houses where midwives work with women to give birth according to a birth plan, but it’s somehow affiliated with a nearby hospital in case of emergency… but i haven’t heard much more buzz about options like those in the mainstream.

  6. Esmerelda (man, I wish comments had a reply feature so that commenters were notified of replies) –

    There are, indeed, many hospitals that are getting on the less-medicated birth train. And in many cities there are birth centers, or women’s health centers, that are affiliated with hospitals and are within safe distance for the “decision to incision” transfer (30 minutes from the decision to the beginning of the c-section).

    Unfortunately, it still seems to be rare – and I have no numbers in front of me, I’m going of a mixture of anecdata and my own knowledge/experience – that doctors who work solely within the confines of a hospital will allow a woman to make her own decisions about her birth. I believe that a lot of that reluctance is generational; that older doctors, or any doctors who rely on and trust medical intervention, will brush off “birth plans” and “requests not to induce labor” as hippie fiddle-faddle, so much tosh and bother.

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