come on baby, do the link-o-motion (6/29-7/5)

a bit behind in the weekly link post, apologies abound. i don’t have too much to share this week, mostly because i’m absolutely knackered and want to head to bed. so i hope you all comment with links you’ve been stumbling upon! we’ll be starting female chauvinist pigs discussions soon, so make sure to check this site throughout the week!

linkage onward!

1. an article in the new york times magazine reminding us that the days detailed in the mommy myth and the second shift have not changed:

Where the housework ratio is two to one, the wife-to-husband ratio for child care in the United States is close to five to one. As with housework, that ratio does not change as much as you would expect when you account for who brings home a paycheck. In a family where Mom stays home and Dad goes to work, she spends 15 hours a week caring for children and he spends 2. In families in which both parents are wage earners, Mom’s average drops to 11 and Dad’s goes up to 3. Lest you think this is at least a significant improvement over our parents and grandparents, not so fast. “The most striking part,” Blair says, “is that none of this is all that different, in terms of ratio, from 90 years ago.”

see, it’s research like this that makes me terrified to have children and/or get married. any readers out there have contrary personal stories, or am i really doomed to such a life?

2. finally, the truth is surfacing that us military have raped or sexually assaulted japanese women in the past. it’s appalling that these things happen, first of all, but more so that the united states fails to acknowledge their military’s misdeeds: “the history of sexual assault and rape of women around US military bases, particularly in Okinawa, reveals a military institutional acceptance of this criminal behavior and a lack of enforcement of military regulations against such behavior by senior military officers.”

3. heck yes, a great article over at alternet about gen-y feminism and our refusal to vote because of race or gender distinctions (and she used the word buck!):

When we do take the leap to identify with a movement, as I have in the case of feminism, we still seem to buck against the idea that our affiliation determines our vote. I, for example, am an Obama voter, but was and will continue to be an avid Clinton supporter. I hate the sexist coverage that she endured, and have written and spoken out about it widely, but that doesn’t change my vote. My feminism is not just about gender equality in government, but also about racial justice, global security, community ethics, etc., and I resent being made to feel as if there is a “right” way to vote if I am a feminist. I’m grateful for being challenged to justify my choice to pull the lever for Obama by feminist friends and mentors, but only when it’s initiated in the spirit of dialogue, not a litmus test.

4. there is political discussion in the UK to force private companies to disclose their pay in an attempt to close the pay gap between men and women. harriet harman, the woman behind the bill, believes this will more or less force companies via shame to pay men and women equal wages. sad fact, but true, and i hope this comes to pass, although it would never fly in the US.

5. a short but great video blog rant about the false assumptions that communities of color are more homophobic than than white communities.

6. coming on the heels of the well-publicized all-black italian vogue this month, dsquared2 had a racially diverse white-boy absent runway show (opened by the ever-yummy tyson beckford) AND elderly male models were pervasive during spring runway shows as well. is the fashion community embracing more diverse definitions of beauty, or is it just acceptable for the males?

7. well no wonder i’m not climbing the new york workplace ladder: i’m not enough of a flirt. the first sentence of the article? “Flirting in the workplace is a God-given right and a heck of a lot less lethal than going all the way with your boss.” so many things. wrong. with this. story.

8. there are few things i hate more than being patronized, so thank god i don’t live in south dakota. the u.s. court of appeals overturned a lower-court decision that blocks doctors from telling patients that abortions end a human life. because women are so stupid that they don’t know this and need to be reminded, and therefore patronized and ridiculed for making decisions regarding her own body.

9. if you haven’t heard about the situation in romania where an 11-year old rape victim was nearly banned from having an abortion, finally the issue was resolved and she was allowed the procedure. it’s amazing how some people value religious rhetoric over the well-being of a child, and it’s frustrating when the media fail to recognize that the rape of an 11-year old is not ‘rape’ but rape, no quotations needed. 11 year olds cannot, under any circumstance, give consent to sex. eleven. remember when you were eleven, in the fourth/fifth grade?

10. thank god another feminist out there hates katy perry’s ‘i kissed a girl’ as much as i do. for those of you not aware, this chick not only stole the face and bangs of my girl-crush zooey deschanel, but this song is irritatingly obnoxious in its faux homosexuality as she says she hopes her boyfriend doesn’t mind but omg lol she kissed a girl and she liked it. she’s probably dabbling in lesbianism for his pleasure, huh? because “It’s not what / Good girls do / Not how they should behave” shove a cork in it and fade away, katy.

11. the la times discusses the fate of rape kits and, heartbreakingly true story, most of them end up on a dusty shelf, never to be examined and prosecuted.

12. oh lord, another article about the backlash and death of feminism. a long article but a good read that i think garners lots of potential for debate, so have at it and discuss with me, won’t you?

13. and lastly, this week i renew my love for jay z. after noel gallagher said jay z shouldn’t headline glastonbury because he’s not rock-n-roll enough, jay not only kills during the entire set, he even mockingly covers oasis. damn, jay z, you rock and i’ll finally admit that ’99 problems’ is one of my anti-feminist guilty pleasure songs. check out his performance and a few more clips of fun performances during glastonbury.

finally, the book i’m throwing into the suggestion ring for next month, the event that makes me wish i were british, the real favorite post of the week, the lolcat on my desktop, and the movie i can’t wait to see!


4 responses to “come on baby, do the link-o-motion (6/29-7/5)

  1. I’M BACK!

    and already annoyed by returning to the “real world” and its “news…”

    here’s one of the first news stories I returned to: “”Until more men are willing to say, ‘You know, honey, you shouldn’t have to change your name or sacrifice your career, and I’ll stay home with our kids and aging parents,’ progress will remain glacial,” he says. “But things are moving slowly in the right direction.””
    read the full story:

    and, mayhem, i’ve heard shockingly good things about wall-e. maybe you should chinatown bus it down here this weekend, eh? eh?

  2. I’m not sure if this is truly appropriate for the blog, but I have to link these:


    These are emails that I, Klarenka/”Cynthia” received (or had forwarded to me, in the case of the legal “notice”). The comments are the best part.

    [crosses fingers, hopes html is right]

  3. i get email alerts from cnn and felt like sharing this one with yall–

    a family decided to sell their $1.8 million house and donate half of the proceeds to Hunger Project, which will then funnel the expected $800,000 to Ghana and provide sustainable resources to families in as many as 30 villages– slight problem, the house hasn’t sold in a year and a half.

    but anyway this article got me thinking about affluenza in the US today and it’s hopeful to see a random wealthy family ostensibly doing something good like this just for the sake of doing it.
    but now that there’s been this added press, who’s going to buy a house that’s being sold because the owners want to simplify their lives and do more to help the less fortunate than they are? who’s going to buy it and say “i don’t care about the poor; i need an elevator to carry all my Louis Vitton shopping bags upstairs”? or will the true american dream prevail?

  4. On the money about that wretched “Kissed a Girl” song. I had sort of heard it on the radio, but it wasn’t until they did a 5 minute piece about it on NPR that my general annoyance blossomed into rage. Way to give dykes, feminists, women everywhere, and men a bad name all at the same time. By the way, did we mention that the song is written by two MEN?

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