don’t just sit there…do something!

so every week i post links to stories that have piqued my interest, and more often than not the stories that draw my attention the most are ones that make me upset or angry. i spend a lot of time frustrated at the current state of the world and the way in which society treat women. this week i shall not be negative nancy, and neither should you! it is easy to become overwhelmed, throw your hands up and say “there’s nothing i can do!” oh but you can! this week i’ve compiled just a few of the many ways you can become an active feminist. although it may seem silly, writing letters and signing petitions does make a difference! take 5 minutes out of your day and check out some of these websites. do your part in fighting for gender equality throughout the world. don’t just talk. DO.


don’t let the military abuse their power and sweep deaths under the rug. we need for the army to be a safe and fair place for women (as, you know, safe as the military can get.) sign the petition that insists that the army looks into the death of lavena johnson, which they ruled as suicide despite the evidence of a physical struggle. her life was ended early and she deserves the justice that befits a soldier, regardless of gender.

i think it’s safe to use the H word when i discuss fox news, because i really do hate them. sign the petition that demands that fox news halts their racist and sexist coverage. the petition, put together by, also has video of all of the racist and sexists clips that fox news has aired since the beginning of the election season. and seeing all of them back to back is nauseating and more than upsetting. they need. to. stop.

the ever-wonderful eve ensler, of vagina monologue fame and founder of v-day, is heading a campaign to stop the sexual torture of women and girls in the democratic republic of congo. head over here to learn more in aims to stop rape as a tactic of war.

i’ve linked to this before but i’ll do it again. the women’s media center and media matters have put together a petition against national media’s blatant sexism in the election coverage. sexism sells, but we’re not buying it! head to the site to see a video of all the sexist coverage thus far and sign the petition.

despite the upcoming election, we have had had 8 years of the bush regime and he’s still got some time left. head over to planned parenthood’s take political action site to send emails to congress, sign up for newsletters, or find out how you can do more in your community to protect reproductive rights.

i know i’m not a mother, but that doesn’t mean that mom’s rising can’t be my new favorite website. head there to check out all of the fantastic things they’re doing to support mothers and women. especially note the campaign equal pay for equal work targeting the fair pay act. senator mccain (you know, the man running for president) not only did arrive to vote upon the act, he had the audacity to say that instead of legislation allowing women to fight for equal pay, they simply need “education and training.” and we want him to run our country?? sign the petition and for good measure, send him your resume.

finally, head over to amnesty international and their international violence against women act. see how you can contact your legislators to urge them to support this act that urges the united states to address international violence against women.


this is by no means representational of all of the ways you can become active, these are merely the sites i happened to stumble upon this week. i simply wanted to present just a small slice of websites you can visit during your lunch break, your coffee break, your post-dinner website surfing ritual, and make a difference. because all it takes is a few minutes to voice your concern to the people in the government that represent you, the people in the media that present to you, and to society at large. like i said, don’t just talk. DO.

(please feel free to add links to other activist websites, as we will continually present these activism posts.)


One response to “don’t just sit there…do something!

  1. I appreciate you taking time to share the story of LaVena Johnson with your blog readers. I hope that folks will go to the next level and contact their congressional representatives as well…

    peace, Villager

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