link him like a lollypop should be linked (6/20-6/26)

yet another heat wave in new york city has caused this gal to stay indoors all day reading books and watching old episodes of LOST. not that this is a bad thing, mind you, i only wish i were the proud owner of a backyard and a slip-n-slide. alas, for now i’m content to sip my glass of wine and share a few links with you. it’s going to be a doozy of a bloggeriffic week–we plan to unveil the new reading group book, we have a guest blogger to share her sage wisdom, and as usual we’ll keep up with the snarky posts that i hope you’ve come to love. so pop back often this week, but as for now…linkage onwards…

1. i can’t believe i have up until now failed to touch upon thomas beatie aka the man who gave birth. i didn’t follow his story closely, but was glad that his pregnancy was successful. the linked article discusses the media reaction to the story and how thomas’ “in between” gender freaked people out, highlighting their fear of difference and blatant intolerance of the trans community.

2. seriously, someone mail this man linda nochlin’s essay “why have there been no great women artists?” because douchebag needs to get his facts straight. snobby british art critic brian sewell deserves a plate of whoopass for saying this:

“There has never been a first-rank woman artist. Only men are capable of aesthetic greatness. Women make up 50 per cent or more of classes at art school. Yet they fade away in their late 20s or 30s. Maybe it’s something to do with bearing children.”

where do i begin. someone hunt down this man and force feed him some feminist art history.

3. an awesome article by susan douglas, author of “the mommy myth,” about feminine/feminist over at alternet entitled “damned if feminine, damned if feminist”:

“The question isn’t whether the media have been sexist. Of course they have. The issue for women — be they candidates or spouses — is how our culture’s ongoing and conflicted attitudes toward femininity (too much is too retro and weak) versus feminism (too assertive and strident) leaves most public women no place to stand.

4. an 11-year-old girl was gang-raped in milwalkee and the perpetrators were served with jail time. yet what do the neighbors think of this? well, they blame the victim of course:

“Five years? Ten years? That’s ridiculous,” said LaToya Bell, 22, sitting on a porch with four others who nodded in agreement. “They (are) getting time for nothing. That girl, she knew what she was doing.

an eleven year old knew what she was doing when she was repeatedly gang raped? are you seriously trying to argue that?? stop blaming the victim!

5. while mccain continues to remind me that he clearly has no clue about women whatsoever, obama makes me happy when he reminds me he understands:

But let’s be clear: these issues – equal pay, work/family balance, childcare – these are by no means just women’s issues. When a job doesn’t offer family leave, that also hurts men who want to help care for a new baby or an ailing parent. When there’s no affordable childcare or afterschool programs, that hurts children who wind up in second rate care, or spending afternoons alone in front of the TV. When women still make just 77 cents for every dollar men make – black and Latina women even less – that doesn’t just hurt women, it hurts families who find themselves with less income, and have to work even harder just to get by. So you’d think solving these problems would be one of our highest national priorities. But while some politicians in Washington make a lot of noise about family values, when it comes to what people actually need to support their families, and care for their families, and spend time with their families – they get awfully quiet, don’t they? And year after year, it just gets harder for working parents – especially working women – to make a living while raising their kids. We take it for granted that women are the backbone of our families, but we too often ignore the fact that women are also the backbone of our middle class. And we won’t truly have an economy that puts the needs of the middle class first until we ensure that when it comes to pay and benefits at work, women are treated like the equal partners they are.

6. okay, this story about kyle payne, self-proclaimed feminist and advocate against rape who was just charged with rape, has been raging all over the blogosphere so i don’t have much else to add to the discussion other than you’re a horrible horrible person and i hope you rot in jail. and you’ve make me slightly wary of trusting male feminists, and i hate that.

7. so i don’t own a television, so i was completely unaware of this show battle of the bods and after seeing this clip i am really really glad i don’t own a television. who thinks up these shows??! and we wonder why women view themselves through the lens of how men will subsequently view them.

8. a young blogger’s humorous take on how fake juno was, as she attempts to find her friend a pregnancy test.

9. scientific american takes on bisexual species and determines they aren’t so atypical after all. hurrah for gay penguins!

10. mccain doesn’t believe in gay adoption because he thinks both parents are vital to a child’s success. what about single mothers? grandparents, uncles, foster families, siblings, cousins raising children other than their own? who the hell are you, mccain, to define what makes a family?

11. a pregnant woman was pulled over, jailed, forced to have her child while incarcerated, and then had her child taken away from her all because she was an immigrant. it makes me sick to be an american.

12. i know i’m not a mom and therefore i don’t read many mommy memoirs, but bitch magazine asks the legitimate question of why so many “mom-oires” are penned by white women and not women of color.

13. my favorite post of the week over at the f-word about the taboo against female masturbation. why is it that it’s acceptable, and even expected, that young men masturbate, and yet for women it’s still rarely discussed? a very well-written article that is the must-read of the week.

14. why is it that yogurt is only marketed towards women? sure it might taste like cardboard but hey! only 90 calories! don’t eat that piece of cake, pretend to and eat yogurt instead! you’ve come a long way, baby!!

15. sex-selective abortions in india have resulted in an all-time low survival rate of young girls. a gender imbalance in future generations does NOT bode well for anyone.

16. although hope is on the horizon, we cannot forget that bush still is in power. and he’s at it again, wanting to make sure that hospitals will not refuse to hire health providers who want to claim that birth control is abortion (a completely false charge that makes me worry that these people are health providers). who would this harm? low-income women, of course, the demographic republicans could give a shit about. more related info here.

17. violence against women is alive and well and sickening to my stomach. yet we cannot deny that it’s there, that it’s prevalent in our society. and something needs to be done.

18. yet another sexist ad that reminds us as women our bodies and our virginity are commodities! just like cars!

19. it’s official: i love kristen schaal. this time she takes on “cougars” on the daily show. who says feminists don’t have a sense of humor??

20. and lastly, what’s an activist feminist to do in a world that no longer values protest? deborah over at the f-word has a few suggestions.

finally the giggle post of the month, the subway train i wished i had been on, the lolcat on my desktop, and the movie i’m not ashamed to say i’m excited to see (i LOVED the 1939 original…no men, anywhere in the whole movie…not even in the background artwork…LOVE it).


4 responses to “link him like a lollypop should be linked (6/20-6/26)

  1. UGH!
    sexism in the art world!!!!
    “Only men are capable of aesthetic greatness.”– it’s the rampant, embedded, pervasive, indoctrinated sexism LIKE THIS that realllllllllllly (a) gets me upset, and (b) keeps women in their second-class status in the art world.

  2. i just stumbled across this article about the effects of viagra on women (yes, it’s cnn again…sorry….)

    but listen to this: [discussing female equivalent sexual disfunction treatments] “A handheld vacuum device that increases blood flow to the clitoris does have FDA approval…”

  3. The “Semantic Web” is an industry term that basically refers to the idea that documents should also have meta data that refers to what the document contains and how it relates to other documents in a way that computers can understand.

    A typical example might be a list of creators, sites that refer to the document and sites that the document refers to, and maybe some category tags. The real deal is more complicated, but that’s the basic idea.

    Anyway, there’s a lot of talk about how the semantic web should be managed, and I ran across this interesting argument from Corinna Bath:

    It’s a little dense and academic for me, but I imagine with more familiarity with feminist theory it’s probably not as arcane. Her basic point is really interesting – she draws a comparison to the introduction of phone books and how the first phone books listed numbers by the husband’s name in each household, since at the time that seemed to them like the most important organizing feature. Who would want to call a wife?

    Bath argues that the semantic web is the phone book of our generation, and that we have to very carefully analyze our assumptions in constructing it to make sure that it doesn’t reinforce the worldview of the predominantly white, male tech industry.

    Food for thought.

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