O’Reilly can suck my bloody tampon

Today I’m the angry feminist.

I’ve been…less than fond of Bill O’Reilly for quite some time now, but nothing made me angrier than this clip in which he earns the number one spot on my f**k you list. In the clip, O’Reilly shows Planned Parenthood’s recent commercial that took footage from McCain’s intelligent non-answer when pressed on health care’s coverage of Viagra and not birth control. McCain was unable to answer the question, after a long and awkward silence he states “I don’t know enough about it to give you an informed answer.” Clearly you’ve never thought about birth control, huh? Welcome to the world of women, asshat.

And rightfully so Planned Parenthood had a problem with this, “because women deserve quality affordable health care” (as stated in their commercial). But here’s what O’Reilly had to say, after in an oh-so-unbiased introduction calling Planned Parenthood “fanatics”:

(shakes head condescendingly) “Okay, listen up, Viagra is used to help a medical condition, that’s why it’s covered. Birth control is not a medical condition, it is a choice. Why should I or anybody else have to pay for other people’s choices? Do I have to buy you DINNER before you use the birth control? Give me and every other taxpayer a break, Planned Parenthood.”

Are you offended? Because I’m offended. No, offended doesn’t even cover the expanse of my emotion. The words that he speaks, but most specifically the way in which he says them, is the most condescending misogynist bullshit assholery I have heard in a long while.

Okay. Break from the anger. Divide and conquer.

I understand that Viagra does help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. I’m not saying they shouldn’t use Viagra, condemning them to an abstinent lifestyle, in fact it is wonderful that such a drug exists. But by saying that Viagra is a necessity (a pill that helps male sexual satisfaction) and birth control is not (a pill that helps not only with family planning, a HUMAN RIGHT, but with all sorts of physical ailments that come along with menstruation) it makes it seem as though Viagra takers are poor, downtrodden men that feminists want to deny pleasure from, and birth control takers are slutty careless wenches who make life choices to be slutty careless wenches and really shouldn’t they just all stay at home with their legs crossed so “we don’t have to pay for their choices.”

First of all let me state that over 98% of women in America use some form of contraception during their lifetimes. This number clearly demonstrates that birth control is not simply chalked up to “choice” but instead is quite a necessity, as nearly almost every woman in America uses it. Many young women use birth control to avoid pregnancy, yes, but some use it to help with heavy periods, horrible cramps, or irregular cycles. And as someone who has horrible-want-to-cut-my-uterus-out cramps, I would like to see O’Reilly suffer through that pain with no pills in sight. The use of birth control is a choice in that no woman HAS to use birth control, this is true, yet it is a medical necessity for all women who want to take control of their bodies, and should not be made ashamed with your slut-bashing hate speech. Women who use birth control are not sluts, but rather almost the entire female population. Do not, by using the word “choice,” blanket the entire female population with a loaded reproductive rights word that you’re using to bash them as sluts.

Secondly, the dinner comment. How do I even begin to explain how and why this offends me in so many ways? It is such a misogynist asshole comment that blatantly means “sit down and shut up, woman!” You can hear the hatred in his voice as he’s speaking to women and frankly it’s frightening. The point of this hate-filled comment is specifically to degrade and demean and not to strengthen his argument. I am a verbose woman and yet even I am slightly speechless as to my reply because what do you say to such hate? I truly wonder how this man still has a platform with which to spout his misogynist rhetoric.

So there it is. Congratulations Bill O’Reilly for winning the number one spot on my fuck you list. Now please obtain an education, grow a heart, truly try to understand female life, and stop demeaning women everywhere with your misogynist bullshit.


7 responses to “O’Reilly can suck my bloody tampon

  1. His words imply that a healthy sex life is a right of men – and acknowledges that ED is a medical condition – but that a healthy sex life is not a right of women (for, unlike men, it is apparently appropriate to ask women to abstain from sex… for decades if need be).

    The most discouraging part is that this man has made himself quite a living from ‘demeaning women everywhere with misogynist bullshit.’

  2. EXACTLY what i was getting at! a healthy sex life is the right of the man, but what about the woman whom he’s having sex with? should she endure the birth of 12 children because health care covers his erections but not her birth control? my vagina isn’t a clown car, thankyouverymuch.

  3. “My sagging penis is everyone’s problem. Your desire to control YOUR body? Listen, sweetcheeks, hows about you go make me a sandwich?”

  4. another problem with people/men like O’Reilly flinging this inflammatory hate speech around like candy is that it deeply affects and conflicts conservative women. i was talking with a conservative female friend of mine who has suffered with heavy periods, mind-crunching-body-wrenching cramps, and everything that goes along with it that has caused absences from work and school and a general dropping-off-the-face-of-the-planet for a few days every month. Recently, it’s gotten to the point where she can’t take it anymore, so she visited her ob/gyn who recommended birth control as the best course of action for her. she was galvanized- she is not sexually active (and plans to stay that way for now) and was horrified at what her taking “the pill” would say about her. she was ashamed of it, and was terrified that members of her church would find out, and what would they think?? she has 3 months worth of the prescription that she has kept in a brown paper bag in the back of her dresser drawer for weeks- months- i don’t actually know if she’s used it yet, and the suffering continues because of this ridiculous assertion that women who take birth control are doing it because they’re slutty that she doesn’t want people to apply to her.

  5. Exactly, there are many health conditions that are, in fact, treated with birth control, such as endometriosis, amenorrhea, hyperandrogenism, and dysmenorrhea, to name a few. Do they not count as valid medical conditions? Or is it more important that a woman be readily impregnable at all times, and she should just suck it up and deal with the pain.

  6. this title made me laugh out loud in a completely silent library.

    o’reilly is an ass-weed. the dinner comment made me sick to my stomach and the idea that other americans might agree with him made me feel sicker. (T_T)

  7. Let’s see here, condescension, hypocrisy and logical fallacies large enough to drive a train through? Check, check and Check. O’Rielly was really batting a thousand with that one.

    PS: I have a close relative with Polycystic ovaries and that requires her to be on birth control and chances are she might have to be on some form of birth control until menopause. It’s not her choice.

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