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Pope Joan

By now, I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy our first historical fiction addition to the book club, Pope Joan. I’m a huge fan of any historical fiction that uses strong women as the storyline’s main catalyst, so this book had me at hello.

Pope Joan, by Donna Woolfolk Cross, follows the life and death of the Vatican’s only female pope [somewhat controversially] known to us today. The author explains her interest in the topic this way:

“I learned about Joan quite by accident. I was reading a book in French and came across a reference to a pope named “Jeanne.”…[T]he next day I went to the library and checked the Catholic Encyclopedia. Sure enough, there was an entry on Joan–the woman who lived disguised as a man and rose to become Pope of the Church in the ninth century.”

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The Language of Woman/Girl

I had to muse over this via the blog because I’ve been thinking about this all week and so I thought I’d open it up for debate here. When do you become a woman? I know that sounds like a silly simple question, but really, when? I’m twenty-four and when I refer to myself while speaking to other people I call myself a girl, and yet when I speak about other women my age I call them women. I’ve been wondering why I call myself a girl and not a woman–language is a powerful tool and so the words we choose do have an impact on the way we are percieved.  I don’t call myself a woman because I don’t feel like a woman. But what does it take to feel like a woman and not a girl??

Anyone else do this? When did you start calling yourself a woman?

Do Not Oppress the White Man!!

My good friend Brian gave me a heads up to this ridiculous article about a (male) lawyer who is suing Columbia University because, get this, the Women’s Studies program is “discriminatory towards men.” When I read this my jaw literally dropped at the asinine assumptions and blatant lies he puts forth and I want nothing more than for him to sit in a Women’s Studies seminar because I don’t even know where to begin my argument–oh, right, probably by being a Feminazi who says vag trumps cock in my quest to dominate men everywhere…
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The Female Quota Goes Underground

Guest blogger Revolution returns…

The Female Quota Goes Underground

Riot grrl. Riot grrrrrrrrrrrl. It has a roar to it.

My family grew up on Amy Grant, Michael Jackson, and MC Hammer – in that order of priority. We thought Ms. Grant was bad-ass for ousting the Christians to go into Rock ‘n Roll. Baby, baby, anyone?

Last week Minneapolis leading riot grrls Kitten Forever, with vocalist/song-writer Liz Elton, bassist Laura Larson, drummer Corrie Harrigan, and keytarist Deanna Steege (also of Unicorn Basement), stopped in Chicago while on their CD-release tour of the Midwest.

The band showed up in Harrigan’s gold mini-van, the kind seen in commercials for its exceptional safety rating. I had arrived early to their venue, confused by the closed flower shop with mats of paper taped over the windows. Across the street, a group of Latino men and a family on their stoop next door had been watching me spin circles on my bike. Really, really cool circles in my silver helmet.

Pilsen is a South side Chicago neighborhood composed mostly of former immigrants from Central and South America, their American-born children and grandchildren, and new immigrants. Usually in neighborhoods such as these, where rent is cheap and residents allow neighbors with rougher lifestyles, young artists buy space to host underground shows. ‘There must be a side door somewhere,’ the bands explained to me. We searched beyond the shop’s locked entrance when a skinny, shirtless guy walked out of one. He sort of smiled as he pushed out to the sidewalk to light his cigarette. He looked around for somewhere to rest his eyes. Continue reading

won’t you take me to linkytown (8/10-8/16)

After a brief absence, the weekly link post is back! Like I said earlier, I’ve been a bit preoccupied and for that I apologize. (It’s summer, come on…) How are (are?) people getting along reading Pope Joan? I’ve been reading like a fiend, and I’m looking forward to a discussion. Here’s a few stories from the past few weeks, after the jump.

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Fun Feminist Friday with a bottle o’ wine

First of let me apologize for the lack of posts lately–BTW has been absent due to my mental depression combined with e-slice who has been preoccupied due to the visiting of family. These things happen, but the blog shall continue. So!

If you’re a fan of the website Jezebel, you’ll know that they do ‘Pot Psychology’ on Fridays, where they smoke weed and answer reader’s questions while high. Well, I’ve decided to do a different take on that. I’ve decided to drink a bottle (or two) of wine while reading (for the first time) and responding to Jane Sexes It Up (by Merri Lisa Johnson) and see what drunken blogging mind-vomit comes of it. Knowing me it will be either completely crappy blather or completely un-noticeably drunk…it’s experimental, peeps. So run with it.

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