Ready? Set? READ!

helloooo lovers of the page.  the time is now to introduce our next book. 
say helloooooo to our next installment:

I Don’t: A Contrarian History of Marriage 
By: Susan Squire

“Ever wonder why marriage is such a complicated business? Why do those on the inside love to complain about it, those on the outside yearn to get in, and those who’ve come and gone tend to go back for more? Why is it the relationship that people can’t live with and can’t live without? Is such wondering unique to the current era, or par for the marital course in any era? To answer that question, it would help to know what the marital course was before we caught up with it. In I Don’t: A Contrarian History of Marriage(Publication date August 1, 2008 from Bloomsbury USA) Susan Squire pares away umpteen centuries of propaganda, rumor, and general myopia obscuring that course in order to follow it onward (and backwards, and sideways). She finds, perhaps not surprisingly, that while the form has changed, the substance remains the same: Complicated—a minefield of Catch-22s. Full of thorns and mysteries and sweetness and, sometimes, light. So far indispensable, despite periodic muttering about irrelevance.”

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2 responses to “Ready? Set? READ!

  1. so excited for this book!!!

  2. i’m just waiting for amazon to deliver it!!

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