My two cents on Sarah Palin

Sigh. I’ve been meaning to write about Sarah Palin’s VP nom for quite a while, but to be honest at first I was steaming mad but now I’ve just lost the heart to discuss. There’s been so much said on so many different sites and articles that I think everything I’ve wanted to say has already been said and hopefully read by you. However, if you would like to read more, head over to CA NOW and their Why Sarah Palin is Bad for American Woman article to find links and information galore on Palin. Or, see a breakdown on Sarah Palin’s lies. Or head here to find out why Palin is not a feminist, despite newspaper article after newspaper article calling her one. Gloria Steinem said it quite well in the LA Times with Palin: wrong woman, wrong message.

However, if you’re like me and it’s all just so disheartening, take a look at one of my new favorites, Target Women‘s take on Sarah Palin. But my all-time favorite Palin coverage has to go to Jon Stewart, and if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch the gender card be played and the hypocrisy of right-wingers.
I am appalled at the Republicans hypocrisy of shouting “SEXISM” in defense of any criticism against Palin. I am saddened that Bristol, Palin’s 17 year old daughter, has had her decisions thrown into the spotlight and has most likely been forced into a shotgun wedding. I am angered that Palin says Bristol made a choice, and yet Palin doesn’t believe that women should have a choice, so how can she use that word? I’m saddened that the first mainstream woman to run for Pres/VP is (in my mind) such a poor representation of women in politics. I am frustrated by people who may believe that just because Palin is a woman that she is for women’s rights–she’s not.

Like I said, I have nothing exceptionally new to add to the conversation that hasn’t already been said. I did, however, want to provide links for others to read as well as provide a place for opening up conversation. What do you guys think?


15 responses to “My two cents on Sarah Palin

  1. i’m sooo with you mayhem– so much has been said about palin palin palin and is she a feminist? will she steal those hillary voters away? and i think gloria steinem’s piece has been the best, most articulate response to all of these claims, questions, and assertions. i loved it when she said: “To vote in protest for McCain/Palin would be like saying, “Somebody stole my shoes, so I’ll amputate my legs.””

    BUT: Palin is NOT the first mainstream female to run for Pres/VP!!! She’s the first to run on the Republican ticket, yes, but not the first woman ever. That honor goes to Geraldine Ferraro (a Dem!)– she ran for Vice-President on the Democratic ticket with Walter Mondale in 1984 against Reagon/Bush. I don’t have to tell you how that race turned out…
    we’ll take back the white house yet!

  2. holy roses! how could i have forgotten mondale?! i’ve clearly been away from minnesota for too long…

  3. Thinking about Sarah Palin makes me want to throw people, and then myself, under buses.

    I love the Jon Stewart clip, and also another Daily Show clip where Samantha Bee tries to get folks at the RNC to say the word “choice.” (

  4. Balls. Here’s the link, divided into the lines to help the comment box get it printed.

    So, don’t forget to consolidate the address into a single line.

  5. what a video.
    the world would be a better place without fox news.

  6. Matt Damon weighs in on the Palin debate:

    {scroll down for the video}

    “it’s like a bad Disney movie…”

  7. Another good video.

    You know, as much as Palin has boosted the chances and spirits of the McCain campaign, I’m thinking it has to end soon. Eventually people are going to start wondering how a person with such a ridiculously conservative record could be in the White House… She’s got a really sketchy record… A quote from David Axelrod today: “They got a transient boost from the sort of imagery surrounding her selection, but I think things will settle in. She will be a candidate and not just a symbol.”

    I know Axelrod is paid to say positive things for Obama, but there does seem to be truth in that statement. It seems like the choice of someone so conservative doesn’t help McCain’s chances in MN, WI, IA, CO, VA…

    I’m sort of back and forth as I fret about the polls. If the election was held today, Obama would win, probably pretty handily because of the electoral college, but as these popular polls keep shifting towards McCain – reflecting a red states get redder shift, I’m scared that people are going to lose interest in the Obama campaign – thinking that voting for him won’t make a difference.

    BTW, what are her views on dinosaurs? Does she really believe what Matt Damon said?

  8. she’s a creationist!
    that probably means she thinks that god made dinosaurs that coexisted with people, or that the dinosaur bones we’ve found were put there by the devil to cause us to doubt our Faith.

  9. I realized, while reading that story about McCain on the view, how much this Sarah Palin excitement reminds me of idiocracy…

    McCain talking about Palin (Brawndo) –

    She’s what Washington needs (what plants crave)
    She’s a reformer (she has electrolytes)

    That’s exactly what McCain was doing – rather confusedly on the view.

    It’s this ridiculous circular reasoning that really has no basis in fact:

    She sold the Alaska governor’s jet for a profit on ebay
    -well, kind of. she sold it for a loss through a holdings company.

    She said thanks but no thanks for the Bridge to nowhere
    -well, yeah, she said that after the bridge became a national scandal. she lobbied for it first.

    She reformed scandal-ridden Alaskan politics.
    -Sure, she fought against corruption. She also commited corruption.

    She’s for education reform
    -Yup, if reform is moving it back to 19th century science curriculums

    And what’s even more messed up about all of this is the way they’re attacking obama with more of these partial/half/non truths.

  10. something that’s reallllllly getting on my nerves– that Jack Attack touches on above– is the HUGE double standard that the media has for female politicians. Clinton was put through the wringer anytime she said …anything… and Palin stumps making these wild, ridiculous, flat-out lies and our supposedly “liberal media” gives her a pass.
    what the fuck seriously. is jon stewart the only “journalist” who gets it? who sees the bull-shit-shit-storm they’re throwing in our faces? we should be insulted, we should be seeing headlines decrying the dishonesty and questionable creditability of a nominee who LIES.

    EJ Dionne wrote an opinion piece that totally makes this point:

    “There is also a question here for the media. When Hillary Clinton claimed last March that she had to evade sniper fire during a landing in Bosnia in 1996, the media came down on her hard. It was a huge story. But at least Clinton actually visited Bosnia. Will the media focus the same attention on the false and exaggerated claims about Palin?

    Journalists gave Al Gore endless grief about supposed exaggerations and even suggested he said things (about inventing the Internet) that he actually didn’t say. Aren’t Palin’s claims about opposing earmarks, when she actually tried to get them, and about saying “no thanks” to the bridge to nowhere, when she initially supported it, part of a larger narrative of deception?”


    tina fey as sarah palin on SNL.
    yes, it is as funny as it sounds.

  12. Is this thread still going on? If it is, if you haven’t seen it, I’d highly suggest watching the Sarah Palin interview on ABC.

    I don’t even have to make a snide comment – it speaks for itself.

    And in another Palin development, the head of the NWO just went on NPR today and said that they were going to endorse Obama/Biden – she said that they rarely endorse candidates (I didn’t know that) – but felt they needed to because they didn’t want people to think they supported McCain/Palin simply because she’s a woman, especially because her views are so contrary to the organization’s.

  13. I agree with the first post here completely! (mayhem)
    But, I am to the point that if I have to see that woman Palin again or hear her annoying voice – I may scratch my own eyes out! Why do we have to deal with a whacko stranger like this when there was already so much to consider in this election? McCin lost my vote & my respect now. What a stupid distraction!

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