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Project Runwaylicious

I love Project Runway. I love it. I love the fashion, the designers, Tim Gunn, “Making it work,” and the ridiculicious catchphrases they shove down our throats. I even love Heidi, MK, and Nina freaking Garcia. I love that there is a reality TV show (read: guilty pleasure) that doesn’t feel so guilty; the contestants actually have talent and are competing for a reward that isn’t just moola, but is something tangible that can forward their dream career.

So I watched this season, which was sadly filled with more yawns than usual, and to be completely honest, my only hope was that a female win this season. And when Leanne was crowned Queen of the Runway, I wasn’t disappointed. Until Jack directed me to this scathing review by Hanna Rosin that takes issue with naming Leanne as the winner because she asserts that the judges were rewarding traditional feminine behavior, or meekness, and the *only* reason the spunky little kenley didn’t win is because she’s a bitch AND female. Rosin goes on to say that all of the previous male winners were also assholes, but somehow that was overlooked because they were male. Was this reviewer watching the same show?

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long time no link

yes, yes, yes. mayhem has let BTW fall to the wayside. she’s been rather busy, i’ll have you know, what with procuring herself a full time job in teh sitee. the rumors are true, she has become a cubicler. but on the plus side they sent her to DC for a glorious reunion with spitfire. so said job is not so bad, it just tends to keep her from blogging. or staying awake past 10.

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