Project Runwaylicious

I love Project Runway. I love it. I love the fashion, the designers, Tim Gunn, “Making it work,” and the ridiculicious catchphrases they shove down our throats. I even love Heidi, MK, and Nina freaking Garcia. I love that there is a reality TV show (read: guilty pleasure) that doesn’t feel so guilty; the contestants actually have talent and are competing for a reward that isn’t just moola, but is something tangible that can forward their dream career.

So I watched this season, which was sadly filled with more yawns than usual, and to be completely honest, my only hope was that a female win this season. And when Leanne was crowned Queen of the Runway, I wasn’t disappointed. Until Jack directed me to this scathing review by Hanna Rosin that takes issue with naming Leanne as the winner because she asserts that the judges were rewarding traditional feminine behavior, or meekness, and the *only* reason the spunky little kenley didn’t win is because she’s a bitch AND female. Rosin goes on to say that all of the previous male winners were also assholes, but somehow that was overlooked because they were male. Was this reviewer watching the same show?

I retort after the jump:

Jeffrey was not “an asshole of eminem caliber” even slightly. If you remember, he ardently loved his g/f and child (remember the tears on father’s day?) and didn’t once break out rapping about shooting people and f$%^ing h&$#. he was a good guy who had to put up with some really crappy situations. I can’t be the only one who maintains that he acted reasonably with the crazy and unreasonable angela’s mom.

Christian was a little shit, but he wasn’t openly hostile to people (and didn’t laugh at them on the runway) and he listened to the judges without jumping down their throats.

Kenley, was a bitch. It has nothing to do with her femaleness, but has everything to do with the fact that she’s not a nice person. On top of that, her collection wasn’t that good. If by “spirited collection” the reviewer meant “ugly collection” then yes, she would be correct. There was no cohesion, and some of it looked like my grandmother’s attic. And not in the good way.

By saying that the producers and judges were being sexist and rewarded meek, feminine behavior, Rosin is seriously reaching. Kenley was not a good person; she didn’t listen, she laughed outright–on the runway even–at her competitors, and denigrated the judges and tim gunn and ignored their every comment and suggestion. And she shouldn’t have been rewarded for it. And asserting that Leanne only won by being a traditionally feminine woman in the sense that she has no point of view or ideas of her own is ludicrous. So she’s shy and relatively quiet, so are a lot of men in the world. She was also the only one on the runway NOT to cry and whine about why she should win. She was the only one composed enough to present herself and her collection professionally and in a straightforward manner– not something that a lot of people associate with a meek, mild little woman.

Rosin also neglected to mention the third candidate, and second place winner, Korto. at all. Korto was astoundingly more talented than Kenley and presented a less “spirited” but far superior– and wearable– collection. If anyone got the shaft, it’s Korto.


2 responses to “Project Runwaylicious

  1. I have to admit, I didn’t actually see the Project Runway final collections, but I am 70-80% sure that by “spirited collection” she didn’t mean “ugly collection.”

  2. I must agree with Spitfire here. Yes, Rosin called Kenley’s collection “spirited.” Rosin also called Jeffrey an “asshole” and Leanne “meek.” Leanne wasn’t meek, she had opinions, she had style, and she was truly talented and bold in her fashion choices. Jeffrey wasn’t an asshole, but a nice guy that everyone wanted to root for. And Kenley’s collection wasn’t spirited, it was something straight out of the dust bowl.

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