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Disaster Strikes: Attack of the Censors Already?

Just learned, via The Sexist, that the opening prayer of the We Are One concert that took place Sunday afternoon wasn’t aired on HBO with the rest of the concert. Apparently, we’re all not One after all…

On Sunday afternoon, Rev. Gene Robinson (the openly gay bishop whose presence and prayer was supposed to appease the LGBT community and its allies for the inclusion of Rick Warren in the Inaugural festivities Tuesday) delivered the best, most moving prayer I’ve heard. Ever. His words were comforting and exciting and spot on (completely opposite of Rick Warren’s debacle this morning… The LA Times printed some of the “highlights” ) I thought Robinson’s prayer was a beautiful way to start the Inauguration festivities and the concert.

If you haven’t read or heard Rev. Robinson’s prayer, read on after the jump…

To watch the “yay america!” concert, check it here. My personal faves: Mary J Blige, Usher/Stevie Wonder/Shakira, and Garth Brooks (shockingly enough). The most confusing part of the afternoon: the eagles– no, not the football team, but the birds. Why, I ask you, Why?? I was half-expecting Stephen Colbert to come out and address the Nation.
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Inauguration 2009: OMGAWESOME–But Where Was Nancy?

As I shivered on one of the railings of the World War II Monument this morning, I had the distinct feeling that I was participating in history. And not just the largest-gathering-in-U.S.-history kind of history, but the bigger-than-everything kind of history. I spent 2 hours walking into the District this morning and sat waiting for hours to see the two people I voted for take the Oath of Office. I watched the boys and girls choirs sing, the million processionals of Senators, Representatives, Governors, family members, members of the Cabinet, and what seemed like every fucking person with political connections to Washington… By the time the former Presidents and First Ladies came parading out, my mind was going as numb as my fingers. Just get to it already, I was impatiently thinking. “Welcome the 39th President and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter” (yay, wild applause). “Welcome the 41st President and Mrs. Barbara Bush” (polite golf clapping)… They continued on, but I had snapped back to attention— Where was Nancy Reagan?  Not gonna lie, I wanted to see her in action- and what she would wear.  I understand that Former President Reagan has passed away, but does that mean that the Former First Lady can no longer be honored for her service to our country? Talk about insult to injury: Sorry Lady, your husband’s dead, so we won’t be needing you to attend. After all, you were only the First Lady– and if your husband isn’t going to be in attendance, a lone female will just make everyone uncomfortable… (it makes me think of The Starter Wife…) Nancy Reagan, while I disagree with her on a lot of things, has had a prolific political life- stumping and hosting debates during this campaign (albeit for the other side) and advocating for stem cell research since Reagan’s death, all in the face of her own declining health. Was she invited and declined– or not invited at all?
This puzzled me, and slightly angered me, but I tried not to let it taint my excitement for what was about to take place. Very shortly, after the musical treats of Aretha Franklin, Izhak Perlman, and Yo-Yo Ma, among others, and the swearing in of Joe Biden, Obama became our 44th President (hallelujah!) and delivered a speech that had the crowd around me cheering and applauding. Read the full transcript here. Hell yes that’s my President! Check out some of my pictures from the day after the jump.

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Why Nabisco, WHY?

This is, by far, the most offensive commercial I’ve seen in recent memory.

Really, Nabisco? THIS is what you to come up with to appeal to women? 100 calorie packs of Oreo mini-cakes get women to take to the streets and overthrow delivery trucks? Because that’s all that matters to women: fewer calories and chocolate. Actually, why yes, I think I WOULD drop everything and stampede my local grocery store in order to buy out their entire inventory, and if they were out, I WOULD ambush the delivery person. I NEED MY LOW CALORIE CHOCOLATE G-DAMN IT. I have nothing else on my mind aside from my diet after all.

What would you take to the streets for?

Yes Means Yes!

Another month, another trip to Bluestockings, the feminist bookstore on the Lower East Side, for another reading. This time around it was for Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape, a great anthology put together by Jacklyn Friedman, awesome co-founder of WAM!: Women, Action & the Media Conference, and Jessica Valenti, awesome co-founder of Feministing.

Flying solo this Monday I got there right on time and found a packed house; I ended up standing squished by the door with limited visibility and a pain in my back from standing for the hour and a half reading. But it was worth it. And I have so much to say I could explode. But I’ll try to contain myself and not babble on forever, although I probably could.

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