Why Nabisco, WHY?

This is, by far, the most offensive commercial I’ve seen in recent memory.

Really, Nabisco? THIS is what you to come up with to appeal to women? 100 calorie packs of Oreo mini-cakes get women to take to the streets and overthrow delivery trucks? Because that’s all that matters to women: fewer calories and chocolate. Actually, why yes, I think I WOULD drop everything and stampede my local grocery store in order to buy out their entire inventory, and if they were out, I WOULD ambush the delivery person. I NEED MY LOW CALORIE CHOCOLATE G-DAMN IT. I have nothing else on my mind aside from my diet after all.

What would you take to the streets for?


7 responses to “Why Nabisco, WHY?

  1. Yeah… that was a pretty ridiculous commercial. I took offense to it and I’m not even a woman.

  2. Any idea what the song is in that commercial?

  3. I hate this one, and the one showing women rejoicing in a rain of expensive high heels. Gag.

  4. Nabisco is just trying to document the growing problem of women-on-snack-products crime.

    Seriously, though, chocolate = female obsessive insanity is a pretty overdone trope in advertising. Aren’t there any dudes out there who want a fun, modestly indulgent treat every once in a while?

  5. i will never buy this product. i hate this offensive comercial, it is demeaning and insulting.

  6. eh, maybe i’m not as angry as i used to be. this one really didn’t get to me as much…

  7. And what about all the women willing to be in the commercial, willing to marginalize themselves and all women in such a vapid, stereotypical ‘role’ just for the chance to be on TV or become famous. THAT sickens me more than the concept itself.

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