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This just in…

Pope dumps load of Catholic shaming on Cameroon.

Seriously? Still? It’s 09, Pope. Make like a modern human being and wake the frak up. Because I’m just dying to hear his explanation for how the promotion of condom use “can even increase the problem” of the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs. And how exactly a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer” will help stop the spread or find a cure?

While this rebuttal isn’t fantastic, it does make an interesting faith-based analogy: [T]here is nothing in the Bible about wearing a seat belt. But it would be foolish of any pastor not to tell his or her members to use the safety device when driving. Churches all across the country trust and love their fellow members, but you can bet that an accountant is employed by many churches to ensure that no one is stealing the tithes and offerings.

Pope Benedict surely loves God and sees him as his protector and provider, but he goes nowhere without armed bodyguards. The pope has to know that murder is against God’s will. He has to believe that every person has the choice to be a moral and upstanding person. Yet not everyone abides by those religious views, and his security is there to prevent him from being harmed.

So how are condoms any different?

As I said, Pope, I’m all ears.


If you like pictures…

I’m currently researching for a project on social tagging in museums so I’ve been spending a lot of time on museum websites and I’ve come across some really cool stuff I didn’t know was out there. So naturally I wanted to share with you.

The Library of Congress is on Flickr! To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th they went back and tagged all their pictures with “iwd”–check out the complete array of photos that cover everything from suffragettes to women working during the war (here’s a few of my favorites).

The Smithsonian has done the same, here’s their collection of photos of women on Flickr (a few of my favorites).

The Smithsonian also has an online portrait exhibit Women of Our Time that showcases portraits of everyone from Susan Faludi to Sylvia Plath to Ella Fitzgerald to Martha Graham.

Happy gazing!