Next Book: Hell Hath No Fury


 The next book we will be reading is Hell Hath No Fury: True Stories of Women at War from Antiquity to Iraq, by Rosalind Miles and Robin Cross. This book is a compilation of biographical essays covering all aspects of women at war: queens, commanders, doctors, spies, you name it– as the title says, from antiquity to the modern day.

About the authors:

ROSALIND MILES, Ph.D., author of Who Cooked the Last Supper?, is a critically acclaimed and internationally bestselling writer, a lecturer and a BBC broadcaster. Military historian ROBIN CROSS is the #1 bestselling author of more than thirty books, a Gulf War reporter, and a former advisor to the UK Ministry of Defence.

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One response to “Next Book: Hell Hath No Fury

  1. Wanting equal rights women must be held accountable to the same standards as men. They should not be able to have longer hair, and if they try to opt out of combat because of being a mom or becoming pregnant . . . well you can read the rest at the link provided . . .


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