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Maya Rudolph & Away We Go


Women are funny and Maya Rudolph is underrated. There I said it.
After reading this short but sweet interview with her, ostensibly about her new movie Away We Go, but actually about anything and everything in between, I am even more excited to see her in this movie when it comes out June 25! If you haven’t seen the preview, watch it here. The basic idea is that Maya and Jon Krasinski are expecting a child and decide to travel the country to try to decide where to establish their home; heartwarming hilarity will undoubtedly ensue.
It also stars a few of my other favorite people: Allison Janey, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Catherine O’Hara, Jim Halpert Jon Krasinski, and why not Jeff Daniels. [xxPleaseBeGoodxx]

In the above interview, she touches on women and comedy, something I’ve clearly been thinking about the last few days:
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The Ladies of Television

Television may rot your brain, and hulu may be hastening our cultural demise, but I’m going to make a confession: I still watch it.  I love me a good evening sitting on the couch, laptop on lap, watching a good marathon of something (I think marathons are the downfall of civilization).  Recently the blogosphere has been jumping with discussions of women in television (Little Junkies here, and Jezebel here)– and while these lists are filled with kickin’ leadin’ ladies, I think there were a few glaring omissions. My 2 cents:

Dana Scully: X-files, FBI Special Agent and M.D. She doesn’t shy away from guts, blood, and the risk of death. She is fearless, a skeptic, and will only believe what can be proven through science; she can hold her own against Fox[y] Mulder. Not only that, she does it without slutting it up. I think we all can remember those shoulder pads, tapered pants, and pumps circa season 1-3… She is smart, grounded, motivated, believable, and an excellent example of what good writing and talented actresses can do on TV.

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