Sexist Pig Competes on Top Chef!


Mike Isabella.  Current Executive Chef at Zaytinya restaurant in DC has revealed to the world that he is a backward, sexist pig on the season premiere of Top Chef: Las Vegas (season 6).

Here’s the story:
The first quickfire challenge this season was a relay race using typical Las Vegas ingredients: clams, lobster, prawns, and ribs. (For you non-watchers of Top Chef, a quickfire challenge is the first challenge in each episode. It’s usually done in under 30 minutes and with impossibly ridiculous ingredients.) Mike was in charge of shucking the clams for his team, and was extremely confident and motivated to win (read: cocky and arrogant). He worked very quickly but became extremely distressed when he found that Jennifer Carroll, self-proclaimed “Bitch of the Kitchen”– of the blue team, was going just as quickly as he was. And then, the sexist pig reared its head: “There’s no way, no offense– but a girl shouldn’t be at the same level as I am.”

I was SHOCKED to see this guy speaking this way– he knows this is going to be on TV, does he think he can actually get away with behavior like this? Hello? Earth to Mike: Prejudice = Not Cool. Sexism = Not Cool.

Maybe it was editing, but until he redeems himself in the eyes of this viewer I encourage all of you in the DC area (and beyond!) to let Zaytinya know that you don’t appreciate dining when a closed-minded chef is in the kitchen. You should also visit Bravo’s Top Chef website and let them know that you don’t appreciate Mike’s behavior.


3 responses to “Sexist Pig Competes on Top Chef!

  1. Of course he thinks he can get away with it. That’s why he said it.

    I would also like to know why all the ads for the show have to have Padma Lakshmi so obviously and slowly and sexily blowing on a pair of dice. I know what they’re trying to do – “teehee, it looks like she’s BLOWING something, get it?!” – but I wish they would fucking stop.

  2. First and foremost: “best post slug of the year” award goes to you.

    Second: He is a sexist pig and yet another in a long line of capitalizing reality whores. I don’t want to give him too much credit, but he likely gut-punched the “hot topic” to drum up ratings/interest…now that I think of it (and Claire’s comment about the dice blowing) it sounds like the producers are the sexist pigs.

    I’ll just stick to Iron Chef. They may only have one female Iron Chef, but she is in a class this fool could only dream of holding court.

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