Woman of the Week: Imogen Heap

Welcome to our latest challenge: a weekly post, Woman of the Week (WOW)!  Each week, we will spotlight a woman who’s been in the news, published a book, found the cure for cancer…  Or, if we’re feeling bookish, you’ll get a WOW that reads more like “This Day in History.”  So without further ado, here’s your WOW.


WOW: Imogen Heap

Why Now?: Heap’s much-anticipated (by myself at least) third album, Ellipse, was released on Tuesday, August 25.

Why Should You Care?: Have you heard her music? Imogen Heap is a 31-yr.-old, London-based, Grammy-nominated musician whose music, both her solo stuff and her stuff with Frou Frou (her collaborative project with Guy Sigsworth), has appeared everywhere from television shows (The O.C., Heroes, So You Think You Can Dance) to movie soundtracks (Shrek 2, The Holiday, Just Like Heaven, Chronicles of Narnia) to the ipods of all music-lovers In The Know. My adoring love for her has only grown since the first time I saw her person: at the Grammy’s in 2007 when she wore plants in her hair (I’m a sucker for experimental fashion, what can I say?) and was nominated for Best New Artist based on the success of her second album, Speak for Yourself (but she lost to an American Idol, Ms. Carrie Underwood).

How to Fall in Love with Her: You can stalk her on twitter to learn more about her daily life.

You can learn about her newest ventures by watching the video for First Train Home, the first track off of Ellipse. (I recommend trying the deluxe version of the album. It features instrumental versions of each song and is, all-around, pretty spectacular.)

You can study up on what you’ve missed by listening to her older stuff: a few songs from her sophomore release are available on her myspace page, or pick up the awesomeness that is her first album, i Megaphone, the title of which is an anagram for Imogen Heap.

You can learn more about her Process by watching the making of Not Now But Soon, an awesome song that didn’t make it onto Ellipse, but does make you want to visit her house and help make music with her all afternoon:

Or you can simply listen to Hide and Seek but once to be sold forever.

album-headlockSee you next week!


3 responses to “Woman of the Week: Imogen Heap

  1. So pumped to hear the new album… I’m really glad you’re spotlighting such an awesomely original and talented artist. Can’t wait for the next WOW!

  2. there’s a new album?!?!?! YAY!!!!!!

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