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Book Club: Frankly, My Dear

The time has come–a review of Frankly, My Dear: Gone With the Wind Revisited by Molly Haskell!

I read Gone With the Wind in my middle school English class because it was, you know, 1000 pages long and so I got more bang for my buck. But I ended up enthralled and in a sobbing rage in my mother’s bedroom after I read the dreaded “frankly, my dear” on those last few pages. Naturally, I went on to watch the four hour film until I had it memorized and worshipped Scarlett as my new heroine. So the fangirl inside of me was excited to revisit Scarlett and crew from Haskell’s feminist lens.

Scarlett challenges you to read on…
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Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week 2009

Now before you accuse me of going all “librarian” on you, keep in mind that your freedom to read is a feminist human rights issue; challenged books limit intellectual freedom for all and impinge upon our first amendment rights.

A few stats taken from the ALA website:

Over the past eight years, American libraries were faced with 3,736 challenges.

  • 1,225 challenges due to “sexually explicit” material;
  • 1,008 challenges due to “offensive language”;
  • 720 challenges due to material deemed “unsuited to age group”;
  • 458 challenges due to “violence”
  • 269 challenges due to “homosexuality”; and

Further, 103 materials were challenged because they were “anti-family,” and an additional 233 were challenged because of their “religious viewpoints.”

One of the books most often challenged in the past year is And Tango Makes Three, a picture book about the two male penguins at the Central Park zoo who were given an egg to hatch after they were seen caring for an egg-sized rock.

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Flashforward to Feisty Females in Film: Whip It


Feisty Female: Bliss Cavendar

Year We Get to Know Her: 2009

She’s Hyped For: Becoming empowered through roller derby

Why She Deserves to be Fandango-ed:
Maybe I’ve got roller derby on the brain– I’m headed to the DC Rollergirls season opener in a few short hours– but I’m completely psyched for the new movie Whip It that’s coming out Friday. I have recently joined the Team Barrymore camp, I don’t know why, but I just didn’t like her for the longest time. She’s since wholeheartedly won me over, even if she is dating my future husband Justin Long on and off, and I’m excited to see what she’s capable of doing behind the scenes.

The blogosphere has been thrumming with excitement and anticipation for this movie (especially from the ladies at BUST). So I’ll throw in my 2 cents and say: Agreed: this movie looks marvelous!

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Fall books to read!

Happy autumn everyone! Have the leaves started to change for anyone? The death heat of DC has finally receded; I can go outside without contemplating suicide. And I’m listening to Christmas music as I write this, so, clearly, I’m ready for the fall! Mayhem and I have come up with the next few books to read– we know we’re behind on the discussion posts for the two most recent books (completely mea culpa!) but c’est la vie– that doesn’t mean we can’t start reading new books! Pick one up (or all three!) and join us here to discuss!

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Woman of the Week: Diablo Cody


WOW:  Diablo Cody

Why Now?: Her most recent film Jennifer’s Body premiered last weekend, the Cody-created United States of Tara recently won an Emmy (Toni Collette, Best Actress), and she was recently tapped to write a screen adaptation of the Sweet Valley High book series. (YES.)

Why Should You Care?:
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Badvertising: the Case of Guitar Hero

Cross-posted to Virginia NOW blog

The problem with some advertising campaigns is that they aren’t that original to begin with and then they never change.  Exhibit A, Guitar Hero.  Their current advertising campaign involves putting various celebrities, athletes, and supermodels into collared shirts and tube socks and dancing around a big house a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

At first, I found these commercials moderately amusing.  Look! Celebrities and athletes kickin’ it just like us regular folks by playing Guitar Hero.  Even funnier to think about them dancing around their respective houses dressed like that.  But then, I began to get a bit uncomfortable…

Why does Kobe Bryant get to wear long baggy shorts when Heidi Klum is put in lingerie?

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Flashback to Feisty Females in Film: Cathy Palmer / Rebecca Ryan

American Dreamer
Feisty Female: Cathy Palmer aka Rebecca Ryan, flawlessly portrayed by JoBeth Williams

Year we got to know her:  1984

Best known for: Always catching her man, even when he’s a woman.

Why she deserves a second look:
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