Flashback to Feisty Females in Film: Millie Dillmount

Feisty Female: Millie Dillmount

Year we got to know her: 1967

Best known for:
Why, she’s a Modern!  Terrif!

Millie put herself through Belle Weatherall’s Girl’s School for Business to become a Stenog.  She made herself over from small-town-nobody to thoroughly-modern-flapper: bob, beads, and bust-reducing brassiere (4:01).  She fell in love, saved her best friend’s life, and learned to drive a car!
She sings! She dances! She’s fresh as paint–no raspberries!

Why she deserves a second look:
Thoroughly Modern Millie was a favorite of mine growing up because I loved Julie Andrews and I found this particular spoof hysterically funny.  I especially loved the way Millie spoke directly to the camera with her snarky little asides (like, “I can’t wait for the Christmas Party!,” 0:17).  She always seemed to know exactly what she wanted and was very assertive in getting it, even though her goals and desires evolved as the film progressed (“Just another first!”). 
Although I have to admit that I do get a bit irritated with the ending.  *shakes fist at screenwriter*: you just couldn’t let her be could you?!  (In my head, Millie kept working and asked for a checkbook.)

I also adore that it’s set in the Roaring 20’s– I love the fashion and, more importantly, the language, by jingo! In fact, you’ll probably hear me utter more than one of Millie’s many mottoes: Delish!;  Oh, he’s just full of apple sauce;  Forget the boy, Dillmount, get yourself a man; and,  Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be unspeakably fatal– to name but a few.

Drive, motivation, humor + singing, dancing, romance + 20s cultural touchstones = Millie Dillmount, my dream come true.

But you don’t have to take my word for it– Thoroughly Modern Millie has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!



5 responses to “Flashback to Feisty Females in Film: Millie Dillmount


  2. Well now, as much as I love the phrases in this movie….sometimes the boys are better than the men 😉
    This movie is truly fantastic!!! I too quote it all the time and LOVE the music and dancing from it. It’s fabulous.
    Millie is a strong woman who can do anything! She plunges head first into all her endeavors and courageously sticks out her hand for a handshake anytime instead of her best friends demure look away.
    She is feminine while still showing strength, which is rare in movies. (There’s also no raunchy sex scenes!! YAY!)
    This film is ‘practically perfect in every way!’

  3. Only one!??! Well I really like Jimmy’s “”She doesn’t want to see me!” Banana oil! ”

    And Muzzy’s “Follow your heart. No raspberries.”

    But for Millie I would say its:
    Millie: I never read Tom Sawyer. Was he… sexy?
    Trevor Greydon: He was only twelve!
    Millie: So? If ya got it, ya got it.

    • i LOVE that scene (when Millie decides to be unspeakably fatal)!!!!!

      what else?…

      “like a squirrel, storing the nuts of life.”

      “i think we should’ve gone dutch treat at the Automat. i think it’s steely when a man knows what he’s got in his pocket and doesn’t spend accordingly. i think in dealings with his g/f’s a man should be honest.”

      “tomorrow i start interviewing bosses.” ‘Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around?’ “I can type-write 40 words a minute, i’m in demand!”

      “Oh, jimmy, i’m still going to marry my boss.” ‘over myyyy deadddd booooooday.’

      “i loooooove golf!”

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