Woman of the Week: Rachel Maddow

WOW: Rachel Maddow

Why Now?: She’s just now returning to her show after a week hiatus because she had swine flu! Give this lady some lovin’!

Why Should You Care?:

Rachel Maddow is awesome. I don’t know if or even how that statement can be extrapolated because it’s just…true. She’s really only burst onto the visible media scene in the past few years and quickly rose to popularity enough to get her own show on MSNBC in August of 2008. As an out-and-proud lesbian who freely speaks of her relationship with her girlfriend (unlike other media-maven lesbians coughRosiepretheViewcough) she’s not only an amazing role model for the gay community, but she’s an awesome woman who consistently holds her own during political debates, regularly serving a plate of whoop-ass to ignorant politicos. She’s stunningly intelligent, seemingly level-headed, and totally swoon-worthy. In the crazy world of the 24-hour media clusterfuck, Rachel is one of the most consistent level-headed debaters out there, and I look forward to her trail-blazing political media for women.

Here’s some good Rachel times:

Rachel Maddow & Bill Maher Talk About Delusional Republicans

Rachel Maddow discusses gay marriage in Massachusetts and how the world is *gasp* still ok

Rachel Maddow argues against abstinence-only teachings

How to Fall in Love with Her: Check out her show on MSNBC every Monday-Friday at 9pm EST, follow her on Twitter, or “fan” her show on Facebook.


2 responses to “Woman of the Week: Rachel Maddow

  1. Whether you agree with her personal decisions or not, she deserves support for her courage to stand up and be real as well as, as stated, her ‘level headedness’. She’s definitely deserving of some loving!!

  2. I friggin’ *Love* Rachel Maddow>

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