Woman of the Week: Emma Watson

emma-watson-20071201-344736WOW: Emma Watson

Why Now?: Emma arrived at Brown this week!  Huzzah for higher education this side of the pond!

Why Should You Care?: Because she’s Hermione! And, more importantly, she’s prioritizing her education over more fame, money, or acting roles. I have to applaud that.

For one of the arguably most recognizable young actresses out there today, she seems remarkably level-headed and grounded in reality. Just one example: last Christmas she suggested that fans who wished to buy her a holiday gift instead donate to UNICEF in her honor (::swoon::). She could probably have her pick of magazine covers, movie roles, and torrid romances with inappropriate people. She instead seems to choose her projects carefully (her three biggest acting roles have all been films based on books[!!]: HP, Ballet Shoes, and The Tale of Despereaux) and this discerning eye will certainly help her in long run.

Huzzah for taking charge of and prioritizing your education, Emma! You’ve joined the honorable ranks of women like Jodie Foster (Yale), Julia Stiles (Columbia), Brooke Shields (Princeton), and Natalie Portman (Harvard) who’ve proven that you don’t need to sacrifice smarts in order to make it in Hollywood.  (Plus, smarter women [hopefully] translates to smarter movies!)

How to Fall in Love with Her: Read Harry Potter. Watch movies 1 – 6. Discuss. Wait impatiently for the 2-part film installment of the 7th book.
I guess you could also rent Despereaux (in which she voices Princess Pea) and Ballet Shoes (where she plays Pauline Fossil) or check out her official website (which she provided the drawings for!).

this one's for you, mayhem

this one's for you, mayhem

and just for fun…..a narrative music video for the song Accio Love by the Ministry of Magic:


5 responses to “Woman of the Week: Emma Watson

  1. Not to mention near-perfection styling! She has the whole package sealed with a British accent and I am jealous!

  2. Yeah, she is really awesome.
    I so cannot wait for the next movie.

  3. I am impressed by every decision this woman makes. She is truly a fabulous movie star and someone I am okay with women my age or younger looking up to.

  4. She’s also starting an organic, fair trade fashion line for People Tree: http://www.dailyfill.com/Emma-Watson-Enters-Fashion-World-35567/

    quoth the Watson:
    “I was excited by the idea of using fashion as a tool to alleviate poverty and knew it was something I could help make a difference with. I think young people like me are becoming increasingly aware of the humanitarian and environmental issues surrounding fast fashion and want to make good choices but there aren’t many options out there.”

  5. i love you emma.you are sooooooooooooooo


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