Fall books to read!

Happy autumn everyone! Have the leaves started to change for anyone? The death heat of DC has finally receded; I can go outside without contemplating suicide. And I’m listening to Christmas music as I write this, so, clearly, I’m ready for the fall! Mayhem and I have come up with the next few books to read– we know we’re behind on the discussion posts for the two most recent books (completely mea culpa!) but c’est la vie– that doesn’t mean we can’t start reading new books! Pick one up (or all three!) and join us here to discuss!

First up, Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant. Mayhem and I both fell in love with Sarah Dunant when we read Birth of Venus as summer reading for our Women and the Arts class in college. Dunant writes excellent historical fiction– enough history and story to balance all of our needs.


Next up in November we’ll tackle Woman: An Intimate Geography by Natalie Angier. As a former Vagina Monologue performer, I’m somewhat shocked that I’ve never read this book. (For the uninitiated, this book is referenced in a Vagina Fact before one of the Monologues.)

Woman: an intimate geography

After that, December-ish, we’re going to read Stiffed: the Betrayal of the American Man by (::swoon::) Susan Faludi. I loved Backlash and I cannot wait to read Stiffed!

susan faludi stiffed

I hope that at least one of those piques your interest– so why not request it from the library, or support these amazing female authors and buy it from Amazon and come back to discuss with us. Because who likes reading alone? Nobody.

Happy reading!


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