Flashforward to Feisty Females in Film: Whip It


Feisty Female: Bliss Cavendar

Year We Get to Know Her: 2009

She’s Hyped For: Becoming empowered through roller derby

Why She Deserves to be Fandango-ed:
Maybe I’ve got roller derby on the brain– I’m headed to the DC Rollergirls season opener in a few short hours– but I’m completely psyched for the new movie Whip It that’s coming out Friday. I have recently joined the Team Barrymore camp, I don’t know why, but I just didn’t like her for the longest time. She’s since wholeheartedly won me over, even if she is dating my future husband Justin Long on and off, and I’m excited to see what she’s capable of doing behind the scenes.

The blogosphere has been thrumming with excitement and anticipation for this movie (especially from the ladies at BUST). So I’ll throw in my 2 cents and say: Agreed: this movie looks marvelous!

Here are the Top 5 reasons that you should go see Whip It this Friday when it comes out:

1.) It was written and directed by women! (Shauna Cross and Drew Barrymore respectively)

2.) The movie was a book first. And you know how we love our books around here. And it’s Banned Books week. I’m sure some nutjob somewhere tried to ban this book– so this can be your way of supporting books and authors (the author of the book also penned the screenplay).

3.) It’s about ROLLER DERBY. That should have had you at hello. If you didn’t know, roller derby is awesome and one of the few female-dominated sports out there.

4.) The cast is jam-packed with amazing female talent: Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore, obviously, but also: Marcia Gay Harden, Zoe Bell, Alia Shawkat, Juliette Lewis, Kristen Wiig, and Eve, to name a few.

5.) Watch the trailer: (doesn’t it look adorbs?)

I know I must’ve convinced you, so go fandango your tickets. And let us know what you thought!


4 responses to “Flashforward to Feisty Females in Film: Whip It

  1. I’m not planning to see this movie because, judging from the trailer, it looks like a series of canned, been-done-before ugly-duckling-discovering-that-she’s-actually-hot oh-wait-here’s-some-“empowerment”-stuff scenes. No thanks.

  2. I saw the preview, and it was awesome! It wasn’t canned at all. There is no makeover scene of any kind–AND it has Maeby Bluth (Alia Shawkat), for the love of GOB!

    Let’s all rejoice at Drew Barrymore showing that can kick ass…and direct (in an full-contact sports movie, to boot!)…and produce….and act. Powah!

  3. holla! to all the rolla-skating bawlahs!

    Very excited that you mentioned this film and I’m not sure there are enough of these “canned” women empowerment films, especially when it comes to sports. The last one I can think of is Blue Crush (2002) and A League of Their Own (1992). After a short month of starting newbies practice with the roller team in Las Vegas, I must say that I’ve never found such an empowering sport where women (including engineers, architects, artists, stay-at-home-moms, waitresses, etc.) of all body types just like to cheer each other on and kick major ass. The last bout had quite a few elbows in the face. So kudos for the mention and keep it canning. teehee

    • agreed!
      I was impressed by the diversity of women that participated in the sport. And it was crazy to be sitting in a mixed gender crowd screaming for female athletes. I was seated next to a large group of men who kept screaming “Help her out!!! Get her through!!!” and, as the lone female at many a sports night, it was refreshing to hear boisterous, belligerent men screaming just as heartily for a lady as they would for Tom Brady.

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