Woman of the Week: Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis

WOW: Juliette Lewis

Why Now?: I finally saw Whip It (which I recommended last week in our FFFF) and I think her performance was especially noteworthy; to me, she’s gotten the least buzz, but was one of the biggest highlights. She portrayed Iron Maven, the “bad guy,” with dignity, class, and a kick-ass attitude that was fresh and accessible–and it fully renewed my love for Ms. Lewis.
That– and she was on Ellen this week, gushing about her childhood crush on Clint Eastwood.

Why Should You Care?:
Juliette Lewis is one of those actors that ostensibly does her own thing and makes it work. She’s not one of the red carpet hustlers you see at every event for no reason and she seems to have a wonderfully discerning eye for the roles that she will go for and eventually accept. She is a marvelous example of a working actress, having been in over 50 films and television shows, and has been recognized for her work earning an Emmy nomination and an Academy Award nomination.
AND she’s a musician. Her third album just dropped: Juliette Lewis: Terra Incognita. Where does she find the time?

How to Fall in Love With Her:

Obligatory Twitter-stalk.

Rent one of her classic films: Natural Born Killers, The Other Sister, Cape Fear, you decide.


Check out her music.


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