Woman of the Week: Rachel McAdams

rachel mcadams sherlock holmes

WOW: Rachel McAdams
Why Now?: Because I went to a showing of Sherlock Holmes on New Year’s Day and was scandalized to hear one of my companions describe Rachel McAdams as “the poor man’s Katie Holmes.” WHAT!?

Why Should You Care?: You know, nothing against Katie Holmes (because she has made some great movies in the past: Thank You For Smoking, Batman Begins), but I wouldn’t have ever made that equation. From McAdams’ turn as Regina George in Mean Girls to her current role as a 19th century villainess, I’ve admired her versatility– I could believe her in almost anything– because you forget that you’re watching Rachel McAdams and really see the character, unlike with Holmes. The whole time I was watching Thank You For Smoking I kept thinking “Wow, I can’t believe Katie Holmes took a part that was so far from wholesome!

McAdams was on the cover of Vogue this month as well (gotta love synergy!). The accompanying interview describes her as the anti-Hollywood actress who cares more about craft than parties, who lives in Canada and walks everywhere, and took a knife skills class (just like us)! Articles like this always set my teeth on edge because they’re written by a fashion magazine that depends upon The Hollywood Machine. Every time an interview begins with the interviewee looking “relaxed and comfortable” “sipping mineral water” wearing “a black long-sleeved t-shirt with dark jeans” and describing their new ________ diet/lifestyle I want to throw up and tear my eyes out. But this time around, it rang [more] true, even if there’s always one nagging problem: stars aren’t like us and can never be like us because they’re stars. Describing your average day as getting up to do yoga, go to the grocery store, and hit the movies is what a perfect weekend is for most people, not a daily routine.  But for some reason, it didn’t come off all Mariah Carey– maybe because I didn’t want it to or maybe because I’ve heard enough anecdotal evidence to believe it. Who knows. Take a gander and see if you agree that she comes off as anything but Diva. I just know that if I lived in Toronto, we’d totally ride our bikes together.

In reading around about McAdams this morning, I was happy to discover that she reportedly dropped out of the controversial Vanity Fair cover featuring ScarJo and Keira Knightley in the nude. I hate that photo shoot and the accompanying “funny” one featuring male comedians in body suits. UGH.

How to Fall in Love with Her: Check out her website Green is Sexy (that she runs with two other women) and find ways to greenify your life.  I really like the layout of the site and love the concept– even if some of the tips I may never try.

Netflix Red Eye, The Notebook, and State of Play.
I’m curious to try watching her Canada TV series Slings & Arrows (Hamlet reference in a TV series title? almost sold by that alone)…

I recently read The Time Traveler’s Wife and am very excited to see McAdams play the title character, Ms. Clare Abshire. Come on, February 9!

And, just because it’s Sunday and you need it:


2 responses to “Woman of the Week: Rachel McAdams

  1. Happy Time Traveler’s Wife release day! Get ready to weep.

    I love her, too. And no offense to Katie Holmes, but I kind of feel like she has been in some good movies–not really added to them in any significant way (unlike this little canuck).

    • I thought it came out on DVD today— so why can I not get it on Netflix until MARCH 9?? This is very disconcerting to moi.

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