Super Bowl Sunday is Here At Last

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Super Bowl 44 is today and I am so ready to veg out with giant bowls of food and barrels of beer and cheer on the Saints (even if they did defeat my beloved Vikings).

Please do yourself a favor and watch this ad from Planned Parenthood whenever the Tim Tebow ad from Focus on the Family is played. Compare the two and ask yourself which one is really about trusting women and the reproductive choices they make. (I sincerely hope the FoF ad is as respectful as it claims it will be.)

I personally LOVE this ad. And I wish Planned Parenthood had enough cash lying around to actually buy the airtime to play it during the Super Bowl. It warms my heart to see two male athletes talking openly about their desire for reproductive freedom and respect for all women. (Another reason I’m rooting for the Saints today? Scott Fujita.)

There has been a lot of back-and-forth about the Tebow ad controversy. I think everything that needed to be said, has been said, so I’ll share with you what I think is the best argument I’ve read. It comes from Jill over at Feministe who writes:

The issue, though, isn’t that we disagree with Pam Tebow’s choice (although it’s worth pointing out that she had a choice she now wishes to take away from other women, and that the choice she made — to continue a pregnancy after she became ill while on a mission trip in the Phillipines — isn’t actually available to most women in the Phillipines, where abortion is illegal and most procedures happen clandestinely); it isn’t that we don’t think anti-choice ads should be allowed on the air; it isn’t that we think anti-choice views should be censored. It’s that CBS has, for the past few years, regularly rejected ads from left-of-center organizations —, PeTA, and the United Church of Christ. CBS was clear that it did not accept ads on contentious or controversial subjects such as, apparently, democracy, animal rights and gay rights. But an ad about abortion, from Focus on the Family — one of the most radical, right-leaning organizations out there? Apparently totally fine….

I don’t begrudge Tebow using his fame to forward his political views. I don’t agree with him, but go for it. I think CBS should play the ad (I also think they should have played the ads from MoveOn and UCC). I also think that “Look, a Heisman trophy winner’s mother could have had an abortion!” is a really silly and shallow anti-abortion argument, since any set of circumstances can lead one person or another to exist or not exist…..

It’s the hypocrisy that is frustrating. It’s the fact that an admittedly tame anti-choice ad is considered mainstream enough to air, but an equally tame ad promoting the basic humanity of gay people (and God’s love of gay people) is controversial. It’s the fact that abortion — a woman’s most basic right to control the number and spacing of her children, and her most basic right to not have the government interfere and legally compel her to carry a pregnancy to term — is still one of the most hot-button issues in the United States. This isn’t just politics; it’s a human rights and a bodily integrity issue. And yes, some of us are a little salty about the fact that our claim to our own bodies is often spun as immoral and controversial, while it’s just peachy for others to purport that we exist as vessels to produce future Great Men like Tim Tebow…..

In all of this controversy, though, there isn’t much mention of the fact that Focus on the Family spent $3 million on this ad — how much money do you think that organization spends on actually helping women? In honor of Tim Tebow and his mother — who, lucky for her, actually had a choice — I’ll be making a donation to the National Network of Abortion Funds, a network of more than 100 local organizations that helps low-income women cover the cost of abortion. I hope you will donate too. I have a feeling that if NNAF had an extra $3 million laying around, it wouldn’t be using it to compete for ad time with Doritos.”

Read the full article at Feministe.


2 responses to “Super Bowl Sunday is Here At Last

  1. I love that ad for Planned Parenthood! Really. No complaints. On the other hand, that Tebow ad was annoying.

    Questions to ponder for ponderings’ sake: why did they (PP) go with two men to deliver the message? Just athletic star power? Why not include these guy’s mothers/daughters? Do you think perception would be different if the message was coming from a woman?

    • Good questions! I do think the ad would be perceived much differently were it coming from women. Pro-choicers are generally depicted in the media as man-hating women, and using two male athletes diversifies that perception in a very good way I think.
      I do think it would be nice if the guys’ mothers or daughters were present in the ad (like the Tebow ad), but I can understand if they were not there because of age (too young for the media spotlight?), or to avoid unwanted media attention.

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