TGIFridays and Tide: Badvertising Reloaded

Much has been made about how shitty the super bowl ads were this year. My response can be summed up thusly: ummm, duh?

Look at how shitty they are during the rest of the year (remember Guitar Hero? or Nabisco?), of course they’re going to ratchet up the sexism for their most-watched event of the year!!

For those of you who missed the following gems, I’m sorry to be the bearer of badvertising.

Exhibit A: Viewed a number of times in prime time for a new TGIFriday’s deal. A couple is on a first date and the man is getting more and more agitated about the amount of food his date is ordering, culminating in “What am I a bank?!”

TGIFridays: Cuz in here, it’s still 1950! Where men pay for everything and think they have a right to dictate, judge, or otherwise control what women eat.

T.G.I. Fridays 3 for $12.99 – Watch more Funny Videos

(^Click to watch!)

Exhibit B: Viewed during the Olympics. P & G (“proud sponsor of moms”) is apparently promoting the second shift. In a Tide commercial that ostensibly pays homage to Team USA mothers everywhere for doing their athlete-children’s laundry by reinforcing the gender stereotype that only women do laundry. Thanks, P & G!

While looking for this ad, I discovered that there’s one for Febreze, Bounty, Pampers, CoverGirl, Charmin– pretty much every domestic sphere product you can think of, reinforcing every gender stereotype you can think of. P & G: Dads are parents, too!

Febreze: “Team USA moms spend a lot of time keeping their kids’ duffel bags from smelling like duffel bags.” And if you’re not, that’s probably why your child isn’t in the Olympics.

CoverGirl: “Dark circles are nature’s way of telling you you’re doing a good job.” SO YOU BETTER BE COVERING THEM UP WITH COVERGIRL COSMETICS!!!!!

UGH! In conclusion, readers: advertising is fraught with sexism no matter when it’s aired.


5 responses to “TGIFridays and Tide: Badvertising Reloaded

  1. Agreed. Those P&G commercials are bad. Frankly, that TGI Fridays commercial never really rubbed me the wrong way in terms of it being a sexist commercial (although your points are well taken), I just thought it was a painfully annoying advertisement.

  2. Thank god I am not the only one that found these ads offensive!

    P&G can piss-off!

  3. I googled “TGI Friday commercial sexist” and am glad that there were option for me to look at! It show I’m not the only one who is being “too sensitive”. First of all she orders the green beans, and he goes “Oh- a light eater, good” wtf? Do I want anyone to criticize my eating habits? Then the whole “Am I a bank”? So are women expected to be light picky eaters who expect others to pay for out food? Arg. Also, the “Target Women” segments on deal with this subject- Sarah Haskins has become my hero :o)

    • Sarah Haskins is my hero. She’s hilarious, has biting commentary, and is generally fabulous.
      And anyone who thinks you’re “too sensitive” is only cementing the status quo, which, let’s face it, isn’t the best.

  4. I also googled “tgi fridays sexist ad” after watching that awful commercial and ended up here. I don’t know how we can expect equality of pay, among other things, when ads like this are still being considered as normal. I am not, by any means, a feminist, but this commercial is just out of line, is not funny and, although I do believe Fridays or its parent company has every right to air whatever they want, this does make me want to think twice about eating there again.

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