leave a comment to introduce yourself. let us know as much or as little as you want, but at least try to give us the following

– your name (or the user name you would like to go by, we don’t want 12 anonymouses)

-state (or at least relative geographical location)

-age (if not specific, tick a box)

– tell us a bit about yourself if you’re comfortable doing so (how do you pay the bills, what do you do during lazy sundays, if you were a breed of dog what breed would you be)

– what, if any, is your hotbutton feminist issue?


8 responses to “Intros

  1. my name is hermione, i pretty much live in the hogwarts library. i’m sixteen, about to take my O.W.L.s. i work hard to protect house elves and my patronus is an otter. my hotbutton feminist issue is that witches are often overlooked in j.k. rowlings books.

  2. hey i’m kate mayhem. i’m currently located in minneapolis but soon to be in brooklyn. i’m a 24 year old capricorn who likes pina coladas but hates getting caught in the rain (i’m a curly haired girl posing as a straight haired girl–rain ruins this facade). i detest capital letters, look forward to getting my masters in dusty books, love getting up on the trapeze at circus school, and my non-feminist-friendly guilty pleasure is watching “the hills” on mtv. if i were a breed of dog i would be either a dalmation (because i like prints) or a cavalier king charles spaniel (because i’m clearly english royalty).

    oh. and my alter ego is hermione.

  3. hello and welcome to the blog!
    i’m emily, but i’ll be posting as spitfire more often than not. i’m a minnesotan that transplanted to DC and currently resides in arlington, VA. I maintain a satisfying relationship with netflix and am an avid reader of modern fiction, sci-fi, and most non-fiction. on weekends, i enjoy taking advantage of my newfound home and attend the awesome [and often-times free!] things to do around here. i think my patronus would be a bear and if i were a character in star trek i would either like to be B’Elanna Torres (voyager) or Guinan (tng).
    sorry, but i can’t choose just one issue.

  4. hello blog! i’m anniecat. i’m a minnesotan living in ohio. i’m working on my masters in east asian studies. i’m twentyfive years old and i enjoy video games, comic books, sci-fi movies, cooking and animals.

    i don’t think i am a dog. i am a cat.

    i have several hot button feminist issues.

  5. I don’t have a nickname here, which means I am not cool. Wait, no, I’ll go by my all purpose internet/gaming avatar. Now I’m cool.

    I’m 24, married to a delicious fellow I met in glorious Minneapolis, living in Madison, WI, a town that I dislike for its hippie pretension; I’m a graduate student at UW-Mad in Russian and Central Asian studies. I’m learning Uzbek, boo-yah. I’d say I’m feminist, but most would probably disagree with me because I’m, generally, politically conservative. For example, I’m extremely pro-choice and hope to break a glass ceiling or two during my career, but I’ll be damned if I’ll vote Democrat again.

  6. Hey, I’m Meghan. (That’s my name and I’m sticking to it.) I’m excited that I was cool enough in college to still be invited to things by schmidthousegirls.

    I live in Minneapolis and fundraise/community organize for a pro-choice non-profit. My work is taking me places: I just got back from a month in Seattle and will spend a month in NYC this summer. In my spare time, I like to read and make lists. Rather than be a dog, I wish I had a dog, but apartment-living and a second shift lifestyle make that a challenge.

    Reproductive rights and violence against women top my list. I’m excited about this blog because I’m also interested in wave theories and how feminism is perceived by/represented in popular culture. Seems like y’all are too.

  7. Hello all, I’m Hannah. I’m currently living in glorious Milwaukee and working as a development assistant at a local nonprofit. Money-grubbing is not my passion in life, but it’s a good stop-gap until I discover my life purpose. My greatest loves in life are summer camp, books, and cupcakes.

    I have multiple favorite/hotbutton issues, and I consider them all feminist issues. Namely, reproductive rights and access to healthcare (reproductive and general). Religious groups and their policies and theologies for marginalized people. Vegetarianism/veganism and its connections to feminism. Other food issues: organic v. local (LOCAL!), affordable and nutritious food for low-income communities (YES PLEASE!), government subsidies (UGH)… and what I’m having for dinner on a daily basis (always a major concern).

    Although I’m concerned about global issues, my focus and my passion tends to skew more domestic. America has so many problems to sort out at home (sigh).

  8. I’m going to call myself Orchid, stole the name from a book I just finished: Empress Orchid. I think a neat thing to explore for the book club would be East Asian women’s roles, seems like the exact opposite of feminism and yet the women are so strong. I think anniecat might like that too since she’s studying it! hi anniecat! And to echo Hannah, I love food issues and community gardens.

    I’m a Minnesotan transplanted to Los Angeles. I like it here and will defend it against most stereotypes, it’s a cool place to be working on progressive stuff.

    And i’m 24 and I love chihuahuas. Not sure i’d want to be one though…

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