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Super Bowl Sunday is Here At Last

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Super Bowl 44 is today and I am so ready to veg out with giant bowls of food and barrels of beer and cheer on the Saints (even if they did defeat my beloved Vikings).

Please do yourself a favor and watch this ad from Planned Parenthood whenever the Tim Tebow ad from Focus on the Family is played. Compare the two and ask yourself which one is really about trusting women and the reproductive choices they make. (I sincerely hope the FoF ad is as respectful as it claims it will be.)

I personally LOVE this ad. And I wish Planned Parenthood had enough cash lying around to actually buy the airtime to play it during the Super Bowl. It warms my heart to see two male athletes talking openly about their desire for reproductive freedom and respect for all women. (Another reason I’m rooting for the Saints today? Scott Fujita.)

There has been a lot of back-and-forth about the Tebow ad controversy. I think everything that needed to be said, has been said, so I’ll share with you what I think is the best argument I’ve read. It comes from Jill over at Feministe who writes:
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Badvertising: the Case of Guitar Hero

Cross-posted to Virginia NOW blog

The problem with some advertising campaigns is that they aren’t that original to begin with and then they never change.  Exhibit A, Guitar Hero.  Their current advertising campaign involves putting various celebrities, athletes, and supermodels into collared shirts and tube socks and dancing around a big house a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

At first, I found these commercials moderately amusing.  Look! Celebrities and athletes kickin’ it just like us regular folks by playing Guitar Hero.  Even funnier to think about them dancing around their respective houses dressed like that.  But then, I began to get a bit uncomfortable…

Why does Kobe Bryant get to wear long baggy shorts when Heidi Klum is put in lingerie?

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Why Nabisco, WHY?

This is, by far, the most offensive commercial I’ve seen in recent memory.

Really, Nabisco? THIS is what you to come up with to appeal to women? 100 calorie packs of Oreo mini-cakes get women to take to the streets and overthrow delivery trucks? Because that’s all that matters to women: fewer calories and chocolate. Actually, why yes, I think I WOULD drop everything and stampede my local grocery store in order to buy out their entire inventory, and if they were out, I WOULD ambush the delivery person. I NEED MY LOW CALORIE CHOCOLATE G-DAMN IT. I have nothing else on my mind aside from my diet after all.

What would you take to the streets for?

long time no link

yes, yes, yes. mayhem has let BTW fall to the wayside. she’s been rather busy, i’ll have you know, what with procuring herself a full time job in teh sitee. the rumors are true, she has become a cubicler. but on the plus side they sent her to DC for a glorious reunion with spitfire. so said job is not so bad, it just tends to keep her from blogging. or staying awake past 10.

shall we do a little linking??
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link him like a lollypop should be linked (6/20-6/26)

yet another heat wave in new york city has caused this gal to stay indoors all day reading books and watching old episodes of LOST. not that this is a bad thing, mind you, i only wish i were the proud owner of a backyard and a slip-n-slide. alas, for now i’m content to sip my glass of wine and share a few links with you. it’s going to be a doozy of a bloggeriffic week–we plan to unveil the new reading group book, we have a guest blogger to share her sage wisdom, and as usual we’ll keep up with the snarky posts that i hope you’ve come to love. so pop back often this week, but as for now…linkage onwards…

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i wanna link your hand (6/15-6/21)

how’s everyone getting along with female chauvinist pigs? i’m excited for discussions in a few weeks, and i’m hoping you all are too! so here we go, a few links to jog the feminist mind!

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