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Levy on SATC, parte tres

[book club discussion contd.]

a woman's right to shoes- i mean choose!  choos?

a woman's right to shoes- i mean choose! choos?

What discussion of modern American women’s sexuality (and, in this case, conflicted, complex, and layered sexuality) would be complete without mentioning SATC? Continue reading

The Guardian asks…Can a feminist really love Sex and the City?

I just had to blog about this article because it asks the question I have been often asked by my mother: is it really possible to call yourself a feminist and still like Sex and the City?

I am a feminist. And I love SATC. Love might be an understatement. I’ve been known to reference episodes in my every day life (“it’s like that one time when Aidan wanted to stay at home and eat chicken and Carrie wanted to party! ya know?”) Not being an HBO-type family, the first time I saw an episode of SATC was, interestingly enough, in my Intro to Women’s Studies class where we asked that very question–is the show a feminist show?

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