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Yes Means Yes!

Another month, another trip to Bluestockings, the feminist bookstore on the Lower East Side, for another reading. This time around it was for Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape, a great anthology put together by Jacklyn Friedman, awesome co-founder of WAM!: Women, Action & the Media Conference, and Jessica Valenti, awesome co-founder of Feministing.

Flying solo this Monday I got there right on time and found a packed house; I ended up standing squished by the door with limited visibility and a pain in my back from standing for the hour and a half reading. But it was worth it. And I have so much to say I could explode. But I’ll try to contain myself and not babble on forever, although I probably could.

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To have, to have not (a child)

A few weeks ago the boyf and I once again headed over to Bluestockings, a feminist bookstore on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, for a reading by two of my favorite third wave feminists, Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner. Back in college they contributed to my click moment through their book ManifestA: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future, a wonderful third-wave feminist overview that at the time I devoured and although it has lost its luster in my eyes due to the expansion of my own feminist consciousness, I still appreciate and recommend it often. The readings were of Amy and Jennifer’s new books, Amy with Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself, and Jennifer with Abortion & Life. An outsider might view these books as contradictory but upon further discussion these books are not contradictory at all but are in fact quite complimentary and were solidly presented together.

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long time no link

yes, yes, yes. mayhem has let BTW fall to the wayside. she’s been rather busy, i’ll have you know, what with procuring herself a full time job in teh sitee. the rumors are true, she has become a cubicler. but on the plus side they sent her to DC for a glorious reunion with spitfire. so said job is not so bad, it just tends to keep her from blogging. or staying awake past 10.

shall we do a little linking??
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Fun Feminist Friday with a bottle o’ wine

First of let me apologize for the lack of posts lately–BTW has been absent due to my mental depression combined with e-slice who has been preoccupied due to the visiting of family. These things happen, but the blog shall continue. So!

If you’re a fan of the website Jezebel, you’ll know that they do ‘Pot Psychology’ on Fridays, where they smoke weed and answer reader’s questions while high. Well, I’ve decided to do a different take on that. I’ve decided to drink a bottle (or two) of wine while reading (for the first time) and responding to Jane Sexes It Up (by Merri Lisa Johnson) and see what drunken blogging mind-vomit comes of it. Knowing me it will be either completely crappy blather or completely un-noticeably drunk…it’s experimental, peeps. So run with it.

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Welcome to our blog peeps!

Welcome to our blog!!!

You might be asking yourself: how did this come about? Well, after about the 3000th email back and forth conveying our shared irritation, glee, or all out anger at sexist newspaper articles or bogus “scientific” studies claiming women aren’t funny or smart or [insert adjective], we decided to give our email accounts a rest and create a space for dumping not only these links, but also anything else feminist-ey that garners our attention.

From there our idea snowballed!  How about we have a page where we can review recent movies and music? Sure! (perhaps we can discuss the shockingly ginormous wage gap between male and female actors in Hollywood, or why there are so few action movie stars who are women) [REVIEWS]   Can we have a page to VENT when we overhear, or, worse, have to personally endure someone’s sexist diatribe?  Done!  [OVERHEARD]  Ooooh, what if we provide links to our favorite blogs & other equally useful stuff?  Why not?! [FYI] 

But what we’re MOST excited for is our book club!  I think it’s because we miss the thrill of intellectual sparring that we have decided to establish this cyber book club– to wage war on our collective brain drain.  There’s something to be said for a college environment and the lectures, the papers, the coming-home-from-class-seething-because-of-something-{insert name here}-said, that it promotes. 

Ideally, each month, a book will be agreed upon and a buckingthewave-er will volunteer and lead off the discussions that will inevitably follow. (Let’s *try* to keep it civil?)  At this point, all discussion of the book will take place on the blog only.  The discussion leader will post her/his reaction to the book and a jumping off point for discussions (this can be as long or as short as you deem necessary).  All of our readers are encouraged to make educated contributions; if you think something else should be addressed– start a thread!  We only ask that you wait until the discussion leader posts theirs first!

Interested in joining the book club’s alias?  email buckingthewave@gmail.com to join the fun (you will only receive email alerts that include new book announcements and discussion leader posts; we will not sell your information to any third parties).

Like what you see? 

If you do, read the book!  Join the discussion!  Pick a user name and introduce yourself to the community! 

Although we primarily founded this blog as a cyber book club, don’t shy away simply because you aren’t interested in that aspect.  We hope to expand upon that vision and grow to the point where we become a truly interactive site that you can check up on and add to daily… so, please join us, and involve yourself as much as you like– we’d look forward to hearing from you!

peace love & freedom poodles,
Emily & Kate