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Flashforward to Feisty Females in Film: Whip It


Feisty Female: Bliss Cavendar

Year We Get to Know Her: 2009

She’s Hyped For: Becoming empowered through roller derby

Why She Deserves to be Fandango-ed:
Maybe I’ve got roller derby on the brain– I’m headed to the DC Rollergirls season opener in a few short hours– but I’m completely psyched for the new movie Whip It that’s coming out Friday. I have recently joined the Team Barrymore camp, I don’t know why, but I just didn’t like her for the longest time. She’s since wholeheartedly won me over, even if she is dating my future husband Justin Long on and off, and I’m excited to see what she’s capable of doing behind the scenes.

The blogosphere has been thrumming with excitement and anticipation for this movie (especially from the ladies at BUST). So I’ll throw in my 2 cents and say: Agreed: this movie looks marvelous!

Here are the Top 5 reasons that you should go see Whip It this Friday when it comes out: Continue reading


Woman of the Week: Diablo Cody


WOW:  Diablo Cody

Why Now?: Her most recent film Jennifer’s Body premiered last weekend, the Cody-created United States of Tara recently won an Emmy (Toni Collette, Best Actress), and she was recently tapped to write a screen adaptation of the Sweet Valley High book series. (YES.)

Why Should You Care?:
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Woman of the Week: Imogen Heap

Welcome to our latest challenge: a weekly post, Woman of the Week (WOW)!  Each week, we will spotlight a woman who’s been in the news, published a book, found the cure for cancer…  Or, if we’re feeling bookish, you’ll get a WOW that reads more like “This Day in History.”  So without further ado, here’s your WOW.


WOW: Imogen Heap

Why Now?: Heap’s much-anticipated (by myself at least) third album, Ellipse, was released on Tuesday, August 25.

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Next Book: Hell Hath No Fury


 The next book we will be reading is Hell Hath No Fury: True Stories of Women at War from Antiquity to Iraq, by Rosalind Miles and Robin Cross. This book is a compilation of biographical essays covering all aspects of women at war: queens, commanders, doctors, spies, you name it– as the title says, from antiquity to the modern day.

About the authors:

ROSALIND MILES, Ph.D., author of Who Cooked the Last Supper?, is a critically acclaimed and internationally bestselling writer, a lecturer and a BBC broadcaster. Military historian ROBIN CROSS is the #1 bestselling author of more than thirty books, a Gulf War reporter, and a former advisor to the UK Ministry of Defence.

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The Female Quota

Say hello to Revolution, our first guest poster!  She hails from Chicago; went on an American Southwest bike tour last winter; supports women in science, hip-hop, and other historically male arenas; retains an uncanny amount of science trivia; is all about sustainability and Green industry; loves gin and bon jovi; and, according to Which SATC Character Are You?, she’s Miranda.  Read on!…

Not only did I discover my favorite magazine (Venuszine) but Makkada B. Selah’s article, “The Battle of the MCs,” in the Summer 2008 issue touched on a problem that has deeply affected my life since moving to Chicago 5 months ago.

When moving to a new city the first thing I do to seek out friends is join a bicycle club.  It’s a fast way to meet my favorite people, the mostly awkward morons who bike with you to bars, pull ridiculous stunts, and love to party.  Mostly.  This last move, however, has given me a different perspective on friend finding and female camaraderie in particular.  Continue reading